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money maker weed seeds

Money Maker is a marijuana strain of which growers were waiting for many months and which Strain Hunter Seeds finally put to their disposal in feminized version.

It’s a work which parts from a Master Kush strain champion in the 90s with a Hindu Kush and Skunk plant , in order to combine a heavy Indica flower production and the strength of the hybrids in a strain that will perfectly adapt in all culture media and richer nutrient solutions without expressing stress.

Money Maker enjoys of a robust growth, branched and with very close internodes typically Indica, while the leaves a little thinner than normal allow optimum light penetration, which will favour an explosive flowering: the flowers are composed of fat calyxes full of resin and reach their ripeness in 8-9 weeks.

The smell and taste of this Old School strain ranges from berries, spices, dried fruit, a vegetable and earthy background, to have a powerful couchlock effect, perfectly suited for quiet nights or pass very relaxed days days. The Money Maker has traits to fight sleep problems and relieve pain and to stimulate appetite.

Money Maker from breeder Strain Hunters is an old-school plant that has a history going back generations. Boasting Indica and Sativa genetics, this strain can produce massive yields. It’s excellent for use as a medicinal plant, bringing relief to insomnia and body pains.

This is a fast-growing plant that can grow thick branches, so growers recommend supporting the branches toward the end of the flowering period (or sooner if you notice drooping). The buds have a very low leaf to calyx ratio, making trimming and manicure fairly easy. Other grow info tips to keep in mind:


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Money Maker is a feminized strain developed by Strain Hunters as a cross between Skunk, Original Master Kush, and Hindu Kush. This family tree has resulted in a plant that is equally appealing to medicinal and recreational users.

Money Maker is a classic hybrid in the cannabis world, with connoisseurs having appreciated her unique effects for decades. An Indica-dominant hybrid, she nonetheless displays a cerebral high that’s common with Sativa strains. However, her Indica side comes through as well with a full-body relaxation that makes her a great choice for battling insomnia and body aches. Her fruity and nutty flavor also pairs great with her calm and meditative personality.