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mod to let chickens eat agricraft weed seeds

– Wasteland biome – (thought of this looking at the brackish water) Probably the worst biome. Plants being fed this water could actually wither (recede in growth) and die off. Value of -5.

Oh waw you guys just burried me under an avalanche of suggestions, so lets see.


– Jungle/swamp biome – Water quality can be poor (would you drink swamp water IRL?) Value of -3.

Last but not least, you probably already noticed that shortly before the release of 1.2 @nimO joined me to help me out on the code. He didn’t want to be credited because people would be "the f he do?", but as you can see from the comparison below he’s responsible for roughly 25% of the content of AgriCraft (counting commits):

1. Water quality. Depending on the biome (vanilla or modded), it affects the water quality in the tank based on the ‘worst’ biome water value covering the tank. In other words, let’s say you have a tank in:

Maybe I’ll run around in the Nether and hope I can find Nether Copper Ore for the next quest in my HQM book… except I’ve already searched the area around my portal in a 50-100 block radius and can’t seem to find any…

The second floor with 12 crop beds in various stages of complete.

(You may safely ignore the cactus. The cactus is for the bee hives. Turns out the edge of this cobblestone platform was conveniently reaching over into the Ocean biome, which has a conducive temperature/climate for normal-ish bees, and I just used the most available ocean biomes squares I had left.)

Minecraft: Regrowth – Expanding

I’m not sure what possessed me, but I spent most of the last few nights making the second level of my to-be modern farm looking pretty:

On the bright side, I am seeing visible progress on the long procrastinated-on decluttering project. Still not as quick as I’d like, but we -are- talking about literal decades of stuff fossilizing and moldering in place and insufficient hours in a week (after work, raids and dailies) to attack the mess.

Both are temporarily still manually filled with water and the desired fuel. I’m still looking for the equivalent of an RF storage in this modpack – I’m used to not wasting RF power and storing it all up in a RF cell of some kind – before I start automating it all.

Apparently growing some 50+ crop types with two sprinklers per crop goes through a high water volume. Who’d have thunk?