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missouri weed tiny pink seeds

Growth: Appear from May to September

Appearance: The name of this weed offers a clue to its appearance. It has long, narrow, fleshy leaves that look fuzzy. Small, white flowers appear in late spring and early summer, followed by seed heads in mid summer.

Curly Dock (Rumex crispus)

Smooth Crabgrass and Hairy Crabgrass (Digitaria Ischaemum and D. Sanguinalis)

Appearance: The leaves of bermudagrass are folded in the bud, and the sheath is strongly compressed. The leaf is short, approximately 1/8 inch wide with rough edges. The seedhead of Bermudagrass consists of 3 – 7 finger-like spikes.

Growth: This is a summer weed in many areas of the country, but it grows throughout the year in mild climates, and thrives in those areas that are low and wet.

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Axonopus affinis is a mat-forming perennial that can be identified by its smooth leaf blades with rounded tips. Typically, a few long hairs are present on the leaf sheath at the base of the blade. Often found coexisting in centipede lawns. Carpetgrass is found in the Coastal Plain of the Gulf states including Florida, north to North Carolina and west to Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Chamaesyce hirta is a taprooted warm season annual with erect, hairy branched stems. Leaves are opposite, with differentiating base as well as being hairy with teeth on the margins. Flowering mid-through late-summer, Garden Spurge can be found in South Carolina, south throughout Florida and west to Alabama.

Cat’s-ear Dandelion

Erechtites hieracifolia is a robust summer annual identified by its spiraling, alternating elliptic to lance-shaped leaves with narrow, sharp-pointed bases on the lower part of the stem and clasping based on the upper. American Burnweed flowers late-spring through fall and can be found throughout most of Eastern, Central and Southern United States.

Eleusine indica is a summer annual with compressed, often flattened, stems radiating outward from a center point that is white/gray in color. Leaves are smooth, folded in the bud, occasionally with hair near the base. Goosegrass can be found throughout temperate and warm regions of the United States.

Richardia scabra L. is a summer annual with branched, densely hairy stems from a taproot. The alternating leaves are oval-shaped and slightly rough with hairy margins and can be identified by its white, tubular, clustered flowers at the end of its branches. Florida Pusley can be found in the Southeast, Northeast and Midwestern Unites States.