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mini weed plant seeds

Short cannabis plants tend to have Indica-dominant genetics and will be very heavy in foliage. Defoliation of fan leaves is recommended in the vegetative stage to allow light to penetrate further down into the canopy and increase the number of bud sites.

Whether you’re an indoor grower or an outdoor grower, the final size of your plant is extremely important. Not everyone has the privilege of being able to grow monster trees in their backyard, whether for security or legal purposes, so this collection is best suited to those looking for a smaller plant that will still pack a punch!

This collection is ideal for those looking to purchase small cannabis plants. Smaller plants are more manageable than larger ones, so these strains could be suitable for beginners looking to progress onto intermediate strains. For the most part, the final plant height is very important. For indoor growers, this is particularly important as it directly affects how much vertical height is required in the tent and therefore the number of lighting lamps, too. Outdoor plants tend to be larger than indoor plants regardless of strain, therefore, outdoor growers in warmer climates may want to pick a strain which will stay relatively small. Here is more information on strains from this collection:

Compact Cannabis Plants – What Makes Them Special?

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Despite their small stature, short cannabis strains can still produce bountiful, rewarding harvests sure to please any grower.

Short cannabis varieties are the perfect choice for a grower who has very little cultivation space and wishes to be discreet about their plants.

The strains listed here have been bred to grow with restricted height, allowing not only for discretion but for simplicity when it comes to cultivation.

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