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FedEx and UPS open any package they want. This process encourages internal fraud and increases the chance of getting busted – no matter if cannabis is legal in your home state or not. Though the constitution and Federal law is on your side, come fair trial in the Supreme Court, right now, Federal law is what they say it is, and therefore your chances of getting busted for a properly packed (no smell) state legal amount of pot. Such is the nature of present day USSA.

Take a bag of granola, seeds and other stuff and place your marijuana seeds and just throw in your luggage.


Question: I seek advice on how to ship the marijuana or e-cigarette cartridges by posting them. I will be in Asia with no access to a good grass. I wanted to send by post before arrival. I saw that a tiny letter is the best way with them vacuum packed. My objective is to make e- cigarette when over there. Would o-pen cartridges be less detectable than wax form? Should the o-pen be vacuum sealed? Would the form raise suspicion? If by wax form and mix it with the propylene glycol to place into an electronic cigarette. Would it be better?

Take a packet of sunflower seeds, make a hole the size of the marijuana seeds and place the seeds, cover the hole with transparent tape

Not to enter into specifics, however I researched a lot about herbal transportation when I was younger. The last time I did this, I traveled around Europe, when I brought a good amount of hashish and herbs from Amsterdam, going through Norway’s customs, also on the train from Norway to Sweden. These countries have a low tolerance to illegal drugs transported into their country by outsiders.

While mailing weed is illegal in the US and in many other countries, mailing cannabis seeds is not. That may sound slightly counterintuitive but seeds are not actually a drug – they can just be grown into one. For example, it’s legal to buy cannabis seeds over the counter or have them posted to you in the UK but it is illegal to germinate those seeds and grow a cannabis plant.

The truth is that the United States Postal Service does keep an eye out for drugs trafficking. After all, sticking your drugs in the mail is pretty easy to do. And more of us do it than you would probably think.

What If I Get Caught Mailing Weed?

There is some evidence that the levels of cannabis seized have come down in recent years. That’s probably because more stores are opening in legal states which means people don’t have to post out anymore or at least they are posting less. It could also be because many companies know that it’s a federal crime to be mailing weed inside and outside the US. They certainly don’t want to get into trouble.

You’re about to be unpleasantly surprised.

US Postal Service inspectors are currently fighting a huge battle against the importation of illegal drugs, so you have to give them some leeway. Many of these narcotics are pretty dangerous, after all. And they are only applying the letter of the law.

Postal inspectors are federal agents, the real deal, on a par with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. The latest stats show that thousands of people are arrested each year for some form of drug trafficking offense through the mail. It can be difficult to get exact figures from the USPS but in 2013, postal inspectors discovered about 9,000 parcels containing in total about 47,000 pounds of weed.