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magical crop seeds turn to weeds

From here, it’s pretty much rinse, wash, repeat until you get the crops you are wanting. I like using the 2×2 method because it doesn’t take up a large space and you are wanting to oversee it pretty harshly to protect against weeds (unless you have them disabled in the configs). If you have turned off weeds, you can just plant a huge square of crops and fill them all with cross-crops and let it do its thing. If you have weeds enabled, though, the only thing you will end up with is a bunch of weeds and losing your initial crops. It’s also not very efficient because you can only crossbreed if the cross-crops are connected to two fully mature crops, so you may end up with a bunch of ‘cloning’.

This is an amazing mod with a ton of cross-mod compatibility. It has MineFactory Reloaded support so that the Harvester will harvest the fruits and not rip them up. The Plant Gatherer from Industrial Foregoing is compatible in MCEternal, where MFR is not an included mod. It has support for Pam’s HarvestCraft, and even comes with a very robust default crossbreeding system to be able to eventually breed just about any plant from that mod. It works very well with Hunger Overhaul and Spice of Life as well. I would strongly recommend it to any pack who wants to make food something other than ‘baked potatoes’. In fact, I’d especially recommend it to any pack that already has Pam’s Harvestcraft and Hunger Overhaul. You can turn down the yield on Pam’s plants to 1 in the Hunger Overhaul config file, which would reward players using the hybridization system since you can get up to 4 yield from a Yield 10 crop. This makes early game food very scarce, and strongly incentivizes setting up AgriCraft soon. And since you only need wood for everything but the sprinklers, it can be started pretty much on day one. Start playing with Agricraft Today!*

Hybridization and YOU​

Next, you’re going to need some irrigation channels. Three planks in a bucket shape nets you six, so these are easy. If your pack has conflicting recipes, you might see a different recipe. Check NEI to make sure. These will move your water around, still making sure they are four blocks up, so two blocks above your head.

There’s also the ability to edit your configs to have other soils be used to grow things on. For example, if you edit your SoilWhitelist.txt file to include, say, this line:

You’re probably also going to want to want an Agricultural Journal to write down your findings. To make this, you need a Book and Quill, some seeds of any type, and some crops. Put it in your Analyser. It’ll give you some useful information about said plant.

Crop Sticks are an item added by Agricraft. They can be used on any common soil including Farmland, Sand, Soul Sand, and more in order to plant seeds that need that soil in them. Seeds inside Crop Sticks are automatically converted over to non analyzed seeds with 1:1:1 stats, making them unable to be planted without Crop Sticks. If left alone without seeds in them, weeds can take over. Weeds will spread to other crop sticks, destroying any seeds inside of them. Placing Crop Sticks inside of already placed Crop Sticks will result in a “Cross-Crop”, which is used for cloning and breeding together other seeds.