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lotro how to get fuzzy pipe weed seed

At tier 7 (Westfold), you need reputation with Theodréd’s Riders to buy the Wild Pipe-weed Field recipe. You can buy wild pipe-weed seeds from vendors. Unfortunately, my farmer isn’t high enough level to get reputation, so I can’t experiment with this just yet.

Note: * indicates the pipe-weed is a cross-breed variety.

It was actually profitable to vendor the pouches. For example, it cost 14 silver to plant 50 fields of Longbottom Leaf and vendoring the 856 pouches of pipe-weed earned 25 silver. Tool repairs reduce profits slightly. It may be even more profitable to sell pipe-weed or cross-breed seeds on auction house or via trade, but when I looked at the auction house on my server there was very little on offer.

Pipe-weed Farming Results:

Once she got started growing the pipe-weed, she found it very interesting. There’s the descriptions of the pipe-weed, the celebration of harvesting a cross-breed seed and she even found the different smoke-ring patterns intriguing (after she got over her coughing fit from accidentally inhaling the smoke).

The higher tiers of seeds are harder to get. You need to grow a lot of the common tier 3 seeds to get enough tier 4 cross-breed seeds and hope that those cross-breed seeds generate enough tier 5 seeds (Wizard’s Fire) to get some tier 6 seeds (Fungo’s Fuzzy-leaf and Gold-fire). I tried using special soil to see if that would increase the seeds yield, but although I got more crops (6.5 crops/field) and more seeds of the same tier (0.5 seeds/field), it didn’t increase the number of seeds of the next tier (0.1 seeds/field).

I received 1-10 leaf crops per field plus the occasional cross-breed seed of the same or next tier (e.g. planting apprentice pipe-weed granted me a few journeyman cross-breed seeds).

I was recently asked about pipe-weed farming and cross-breeding in LOTRO and I promised to look into it. My farmer has never grown pipe-weed (until now) because she focused on crops used for cooking and dye-making, but she’s decided she’s willing to support the smokers and drinkers in Bree with pipe-weed and strong drinks.

The farmer concerns himself with the growing of different types of vegetable and pipe-weed crops on various plots of land scattered throughout the Bree-land and Shire areas. They grow the hops and berries needed for the wonderful ales and beers brewed throughout the land and provide the resources for cooks to make their culinary works of art for the hardy adventurers.

Once you achieve proficiency at a rank, for some recipes you will see the Mastery tab (blue) light up. This means that there are additional ingredients you can add that will improve your crop (increase Critical Success to 100%), such as Pile of Rivendell Soil . These can be purchased from Expert Farmhands.


TIP: If you plant four fields at a time and turn between each so they do not overlap, you can click on all four to harvest, one after the other, and you will harvest all four, in the order clicked, with no further action!

The Field of grown crops will appear in the direction you are facing when planting is finished so you can turn during planting to avoid having the fields appear one on top of the other. This makes Harvesting easier. Do not ever plant more than four Fields at the same time, and not more than three unless you are very alert, or the first will “wither” and fade before you can harvest it. Simply right-click the field to harvest it just the same as any harvestable resource node. No other farmer can harvest your fields. It is flagged just the same as if it were a mob corpse someone else killed.

One more thing: Farming is hard work and hard on your tools. Get the best tools you can afford, but also be sure to watch their Durability and repair them often! That said, it is also the easiest Profession to Master, as you do not have to hunt for Resource Nodes.