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Eagle’s Nest

recipe: Expert Farmer
seeds: rare drop
effects: an eagle which breaks into three puffs of smoke which then join and resolve into a larger eagle. The eagles only exist for a brief moment each and so are difficult to photograph.

Tier 1; Apprentice

Iranon’s Extensive Guide to Pipeweed, second edition

Wizard’s Fire

recipe: Expert Farmer
seeds: rare drop
effects: a sparrow

Listed below are the various types of pipeweed, with illustrations of each.

Tier 2; Journeyman

How do I get my first Legendary?
You will receive your first Legendary when you complete Volume 2, Book 1, Chapter 9: A Weapon of the Elder Days and your second Legendary when you complete Volume 2, Book 1, Chapter 14: Khazad-dum At Last!. These Legendaries are ‘starter’ legendaries and have 2 key differences to every other legendar you will ever encounter – they can only be levelled to level 40 and they only gain iXP when they are equipped. For this reason I suggest replacing them with ‘proper’ legendaries as soon as you can.

The crafting nodes are Sage’s Lockers, Sage’s Caskets and Sage’s Lockboxes

[Image of Oghuck]

Second Visit (Order from the Darkness)

Every character has a Legendary Item Panel (shift-I) where LIs are slotted. There are up to 10 slots available, every character starts with 6 and 4 more are unlockable with TP.

Goblin Town offers several quests and deeds. Many quests are turned in at Gloin’s camp and Rivendell and the nearest milestone to Goblin Town is at Hrimburg. I suggest binding your milestone to one of these three locations to make life easier!

North and east and Golums cave.

Speak to Elrond (in his study in the Last Homely House) to accept [48] A Missing Scout and to Bilbo (in The Hall of Fire) to accept [48] Passage to Darkness.