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los angeles weed white flower 5 petals long seeds

Color: Yellow

Plant Type: Perennial

Plant Type: Annual

Botanical Name: Helianthus annus

Color: Yellow

Color: Blue

Color: Yellow

Wild morning glory is often called false-bindweed because of its resemblance to the non-native bindweed, considered one of the worst weeds in California. Flowers of the native species are carried on leafless stems, while the flower stems of the invasive look-alike are shorter and have a pair of small leaves (bracts) midway along the them.

Stonebridge Mesa | May 2015

Other Common Names:

Wild morning glory is native only to the Channel Islands, coastal southern California and Baja California.

Photo credit: Linda Jones | Stonebridge Mesa | May 2015

All species in the morning glory family have some degree of purgative properties, 92 but we have found no specific medicinal uses of our species by native Americans or by modern herbalists.