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leopard tortoise weed seed

Yes, the Shelled Warriors mix should be fine. I’ve also seen this mix: . _tortoises and the TLady mix is good (it looks expensive but it is for 100g — which is a lot — and you used to be able to buy smaller quantities once you get to the site).

So I guess I’ll get started with the Chiltern mix and see how it goes!

Re: Seed mix

Post by Nina » 19 Apr 2019, 08:28

I’m looking for advice re a seed mix I could buy and grow weeds etc from. Ideally from amazon or somewhere that ships internationally – I’m on a tiny island in the Med. is the Shelled Warrior seed mix recommended?

Gool luck with the seeds!

Terms and conditions, READ THIS PLEASE: Orders over $14 from this ad will be shipped with tracking, Otherwise: Seeds will be shipped economy/standard or first class 2-10 day shipping (NO TRACKING and no planting instructions to keep seed costs to the buyer low), in a ziplock baggie. Our goal is to save you money on quality seeds. We are responsible sellers, and we make sure our buyers are well taken care of. Shipped within 2 business days after payment. We are a seller that caters to experienced gardeners. (germination and plant care information is readily available online, but if you can’t find germinating and care instructions, please feel free to message us). Most of our listings include germination instructions, so we do not ship growing instructions. Multiple orders of a single item will be combined into 1 ziplock. We are not responsible for buyer germination success, seeds have been tested. Seed count is approximate, and packaged by weight. Seeds vary in size, weight is exact, and based upon empirical count, quantity is estimated. Liability of seller is limited to the cost of the item(s).

This mix has lemon grass, oatgrass, avena sativa, as well as other native African Grasses and domestic grasses. There is no bermuda grass in this blend.

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Grow your own tortoise forage plot!

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