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lemon weed seeds

Good to know vooraf:
Gratis zaadje. behandelplan tijdens de groei, bloei: biobizz. 6 dagen drogen en 13 dagen curen. Heeft me een oogst van 102gram droog opgeleverd.
Again 9 weken bloeien volgens de zaadboer, 11 weken volgens mijn.

De smaak van pepermuntjes is duidelijker aanwezig als het zuurtje. Des al niet te min heeft het zuurtje wel de overhand tijdens het uitblazen. Iets sterk in de keel, levert me net geen hoestbui op.


Due to the way in which this wonderful strain has been cross bred. It has retained the truly unmistakable sweet, citrus taste of the Lemon Haze. Whilst the lesser known Ice gives this strain a surprising and delightfully friendly uplifting effect. This fresh strain can be enjoyed both during the day and in the evening.

Whenever this strain is provided with enough space and light one can expect to be rewarded with an exceptionally high yield.

Geur en kleur
Smells like sour peppermints, de typische haze geur is overweldigend sterk en totaal niet zacht te noemen. Toppen zijn fors en mooi groen met bijna felle oranje bloeiharen.

Lemon Kush cannabis seeds have been in high demand recently, thanks to the strain’s high THC levels. With a THC range of 17 to 26%, this cannabis strain is best suited for experienced stoners.

Lemon Kush marijuana boasts of balanced Indica-Sativa properties and high THC levels. Marijuana growers revere this strain due to its ease in growth and high yields. On the other hand, marijuana users have been using Lemon Kush marijuana due to its balanced head-high effects. A combination of these features has made the demand for Lemon Kush seeds skyrocket. Without further, let’s get deep to understand the features that make Lemon Kush marijuana seeds stand out.

Flowering Time

The calming effects are also crucial in the management of mental conditions. People with anxiety attacks, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorder can take this marijuana to suppress the symptoms.

As the euphoric effects start to go away, waves of calming effects start to kick in. You first experience an outstanding calming effect on both the body and brain. After few minutes, the calming effects might become overwhelming, making you get a couchlock.

The flowering time in indoor-grown Lemon Kush weed seeds takes between 55 to 65 days to end. Although the strain can grow in both indoor and outdoor conditions, most growers prefer an indoor environment.

This easy growing perfectly balanced 55% Indica hybrid, delivers significant yields of succulent compact frosty light-green buds laced with a thick coating of trichomes releasing fresh lemon citrusy aromas, a real sensory pleasure to grow.

LEMON TREE™ by Barneys Farm


Once cured savour the pungent super skunk and sour lemon aromas due to its high levels of terpenes, it’s refreshing sharp tangy lemon and diesel undertones make this strain incredibly unique, keeping you lifted and joyful whatever you do throughout the day.

Outdoors with longer time to evolve LEMON TREE™ can reach up to 2 metres and yield up to 1.5 kg per plant finishing from the middle to end of October.

Indoors utilising low stress techniques, this plant reaches final heights of around 90-100 cm, with an output of up to 650g/m2, after a relatively short flowering period of just 65-70 days.