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led weed grow 12 12 from seed lighting video

Many growers run into issues when flipping their veg room to flower. Keep your crop healthy and avoid shock damage by gradually transitioning your plants from their vegetative to flowering lighting conditions. Do this by incrementally increasing light levels and limiting cultivation changes to as few variables as possible.

After the plants are acclimated to their new photoperiod, you can begin gradually increasing light intensity by about 10% every 1-2 days.

STEP 1: Adjust to 12-Hour Photoperiod

Your cannabis crop is looking great as it completes the vegetative stage – uniform structure, robust size, pest and pathogen-free. Now it’s time to switch from veg to flower!

For the first 1-2 days in flowering, just let your plants get used to the new 12-hour photoperiod. Leave light intensity the same as what they were exposed to in the vegetative stage.

If your LEDs are integrated with a lighting control software like smartPAR™, you can program your lights to increase intensity incrementally until you reach your maximum flower light intensity.

So why is it called NPK when the ingredients Spell NPP? Well, that’s simple it’s called NPK because they use the atomic symbols and the symbol for potassium is “K” from Neo-Latin kalium. Don’t worry that’s as far as we are diving into Latin.

There are many companies each with different nutrient formulas each for different purposes. I prefer using a total growth solution from just one company, no mixing and matching nutrients. Total growth solutions include nutrients that are designed to work together for each stage of your plant’s growth from rooting to blooming.

The basic components of growing cannabis

Before you start growing do some planning and decide how much bud is enough. This will help you choose the right growing setup.

Flowering: low nitrogen – medium to high phosphorus – high potassium

Always beware of scam LED sellers! You need to know what you’re buying when it comes to LED. Do some research or read my reviews before buying any LED system. You can easily be scammed and end up with a less than amazing quality LED that won’t have the energy to flower your plants.