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lambs breath weed seeds

This marijuana strain can lead to dehydration (dry mouth, dry and itchy eyes), which is pretty common in all breeds. At times, Lamb’s Bread induces paranoid thoughts, headache and anxiety symptoms. Luckily, these cases are rare and don’t have a strong crippling effect.

Plants from Lamb’s Bread seeds, being a near-pure Sativa, are a great mood-booster and can help patients combating depression and severe anxiety, as well as ADHD and PTSD. It will put you in a relaxed state without making you feel fuzzy or weighed down. This strain acts as a prescription medication for people with chronic pain conditions, including muscle spasms, back pain, and even glaucoma.

People say Bob Marley himself recommended this breed and once you experience this Sativa, you’ll understand the hype. The Lamb’s Bread strain seeds produce a 95% Sativa product that is dynamic and mood-boosting. With these qualities, it helps patients in treating a long list of ailments. The high kicks in fast, impacting the mind while energizing the whole body.


Kyle Blanks (verified owner) – December 10, 2020

That is why even beginner users will be able to handle this hybrid.

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Lamb’s Bread seeds make for a plant that can’t be confused with anything else. A practically pure sativa, Lamb’s Bread exhibits golden-green buds covered with a pungent and cheese-like aroma that both recreational and medical smokers can enjoy. These Jamaican cannabis seeds justify their notoriety with genuinely high quality.

Auto-flowering and easy to grow, Lambs Breath thrives in both outdoor and indoor settings. Lambs Breath was Bob Marley’s favorite strain and is known for its focus, creative and energetic properties. Great for reducing stress and anxiety, this Jamaican strain is a great way to start the day positive.

The origins of this strain can be traced back to Jamaica, where it grew in the wild. More recently, this strain has become increasingly in-demand, though it is difficult to find in North America. For this reason, if you want to experience the benefits of this strain, growing your own plants is the easiest way to do so.

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As a strong sativa, you can expect that this strain will give you that exciting cerebral high, which is evident early on as the high starts to kick in. It also features a high content of THC, ranging from 19 to 25% on average. The high kicks in fast, influencing the mind almost instantly, while simultaneously energizing the entire body.

Lambs Breath is also endowed with a unique and distinct aroma. You can immediately smell its skunky and cheesy odor, which is often associated with the smell of fresh tobacco. It features some hints of woody, sour and piney flavors, all of which are pungent scents. The smoke, however, is different from its aroma, as it features creamy and sweet elements making the smoke not only delicious, but pleasurable to inhale at the same time. If you grow this plant you will immediately notice that the buds radiate a vibrant and pure green. The buds are massive and filled with frosty trichomes all over. If you are curious about what Bob Marley may have been smoking when he wrote his greatest hits, you’ve got to give Lambs Breath a try.