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lahey shit seeds weeds

(to Bubbles) “We’ll just take him and let him go free, just like a little test. And if he comes back, it forever was, just like the saying.”

The boys mix dope with some cat food and feed it to Steve. Julian says they have to set him free. Bubbles wants to modify one of his food dispensers in the forest to dispense weed in an attempt to wean him off it. Julian tells a drunken Lahey that they are finally taking the lion away.

The boys find Steve eating garbage and leash him once again, hiding him back in the shed. Sarah arrives with Lucy, Cory and Trevor and wants to know what happened to Trevor.

Rickyisms [ edit | edit source ]

Cory and Lahey are covered with strange scratches and gashes and they take the wounded pair back to the park, after it becomes clear they can’t continue to patrol the field. They get chewed out by Sarah and Ricky lies about what happened to them. Sarah refuses to let them work for Julian and Ricky ever again.

The boys, with Cory and Trevor in tow, patrol one of the pot fields after dark, investigating some trampled plants they can’t explain. They arm themselves with potato guns and spread out to look for intruders. Cory and Trevor are attacked by an unknown ‘something’.

Bubbles says he can handle the ‘big kitty’ because he’s high from having eaten the weed and is therefore subdued and not dangerous. Eventually he decides to call him Steve French because of the “French-looking mustache” marks on his face, and takes him back to the park for some detox treatment.

Julian says the whole idea is unsafe but Bubbles is determined to take care of him for a little while. The three of them tie Steve to the shed go off to make him some food comprised of Fajitas and a little weed. Seconds later, Steve escapes.

“Birds of a shit-feather flock together, Randy.”

J-Roc’s latest porn video reins in Ray and Bubbles, and Lahey plots to have as many people as possible arrested.

Jim Lahey drinks to excess and sends Randy out to evict Ray from his lot. J-Roc arrives and offers Ray and the Boys money, liquor, and groceries in return for being in his new porn film, “J-Roc’s Greasy Trailer Park Girls Gone Wild.” Bubbles and Ray are hungry and broke and agree to the idea. Ricky finds out that Lucy is one of the stars and becomes upset.

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Back at the film location, J-Roc is trying to convince Ray to perform out of the wheelchair, but Ray is concerned that he will be seen as not being disabled, thus ruining his scam with Worker’s Comp. Lahey and Randy secretly view the shoot from outside. Ray is now so drunk that he interferes with the shots. Lahey and Randy discover J-Roc’s empty grocery bins, and drop dime on him to the store. Tyrone, who is removing Ray from the shoot, finds them out there snooping and sends them away.

“I always live by one golden rule: You don’t cross my shit-line, I don’t cross your shit-line. When he told everybody I was drinking again, he crossed the god damn shit-line.”

At J-Roc’s place, Bubbles and Ray prepare to perform in the porn flick. Ray drinks a quart of hard liquor, and Bubbles begs for food. Ricky tries to convince Lucy not to be in the film, because he thought they were getting back together, but Lucy says it’s none of his business.

“Randy, sometimes it’s a lot better to watch a shit tree grow, than to try to kick the shit fruit out of it.”