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khaki weed seeds

Surfactants are compounds used to break the surface tension on the leaf surface of plants which allows the herbicide to penetrate better and be more effective. This is especially important on waxy leaf plants like khaki.

Finding the exact center of the weed, you pour a small amount of boiling hot water in direct center of the plant where it comes out of the ground. You can watch the plant constrict and shrivel right before your eyes.

Khaki is a dark green perennial plant with succulent type leaves that has a matt like growth habit. Its seed heads are small hair like burrs which is one of the reasons this weed is such a problem in lawns. There is a lot of Khaki weed information from the New Mexico Department of Agriculture with pictures that will help with identifying Khaki.

Use A Surfactant

** NOTE ** While we will discuss the use of herbicides in this article, it cannot be considered as advice or recommendation of Horizon Pest Control, LLC of Carlsbad, New Mexico. The label on all pesticides is the law. If they’re even available to you at all, how and if you choose to use them is in your own discretion. The label is the law .

It is our experience that it will take at least two and possibly more spot treatments of individual young plants to kill them. According to the timing interval and application rate that is allowed by the label, make these direct applications to individual young plants. If there are no trees or ornamentals present, it may be possible to use a three way herbicide. Otherwise, you can use a product with just 2,4-D. 2,4-D is generally available to the public at feed stores.

This is a method we learned from a client and actually found it to be effective. most of the time. It involves pouring boiling water in the center of the plant. It is truly a do it yourself method that can be very time consuming if you have a lot of these weeds present in your lawn.

** NOTE ** The herbicides mentioned here may or may not be available to the general public in your area. If not available, then it will be necessary to consult with a professional weed control company.

Synonyms – Achyranthes repens, Alternanthera achyrantha, Alternanthera echinata, Alternanthera repens.


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