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just planted weed seeds rained really hard reddit

It has something to do with the hydrogen peroxide present in rain water, though I don't personally know enough about it to give a comprehensive explanation.

Tap has chlorine, fluoride and the ph is usually wack. Rain at least doesn’t have chlorine and fluoride.

This could very well be it. They're potted and I tend to under water them sometimes because overwatering attracts all sorts of bugs. I'm going to try bottom watering when the dry season rolls around. TY

The same could be said for plants grown in soil if you're not watering enough and you live in a hot country, but mostly this is a pot issue.

I know minerals in tap water can disagree with the plants but afaik our tap water tastes almost like distilled water and I tried using purified water or letting it sit for a night and skimming the upper portions and so on but nothing beats the rain.

THIS^ is mostly the reason. Also if lightning happened that fixes N more and helps green things up faster. I live along the lightning capitol of the US I-4 corridor in Orlando and you see this effect all the time.

The sky is magic and its water is very good

When we get thirsty, our bodies are letting us know that we need more water. It is a feeling we have. Other people looking at us can’t really tell we need more water. Part of the reason for this is that we have a skeleton structure that keeps us standing straight. Green leafy plants don’t have a similar structure; they use water pressure to keep them standing upright.

Over-watering a plant can cause the roots to rot. Some diseases can also cause roots to rot. With less roots, the plant wilts. Some people will then water the plant even more, causing even more root rot.

Why do Leaves Wilt?

If roots can’t get enough water, they can’t maintain the correct water pressure in the plant and the leaves droop or wilt.

Water pressure is maintained in the leaves by the roots which are absorbing water from the soil and pumping it up into the leaves. Leaves naturally loose water, especially during photosynthesis. Water is constantly flowing from the roots to the leaves.

Water When Plant Leaves Wilt