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This would be a good thing because Marijuana has been used for thousands of centuries as medicine.

Folks, when alcohol was prohibited by the 16th amendment of the United States Constitution, states had to declare alcohol to be medicinal as a harbinger to redirect our country to pass the 18th amendment to re-legalize alcohol. Marijuana is a safer alternative to recreational intoxication than alcohol. We should get the laws changed to reflect this reality.

The industrial version of the Marijuana Plant "Hemp" has over 50,000 uses
which include fuel for energy in transportation, and the heating of homes,
body care lotions, fibers for the textile industries to make clothing, sporting goods,
paper for the newspapers and other office supplies, food like chips, breads and Hemp Burgers.

Marijuana is a hotly debated topic these days. This web site contains content about marijuana.
Some of the controversial subjects covered include cannabis cultivation and its legalization.
The information you would read should you continue is for educational
and entertainment purposes and is designed for mature audiences only.

We hereby order Federal authorities to reclassify Cannabis as a viable medical substance
and remove it from the Schedule I list of Narcotics
". which is reserved for those substances that have no medicinal value whatsoever."
and order the American Medical Association to return it to the Phycisians Desk Reference .

You’ll be proud to be creating the history of tomorrow.

We would like you to understand why the 1937 Hemp Tax Conspiracy was promulgated
and who some of the forces were behind this bogus "taxation without representation."

My dream as the author of the legend of Johnny Marijuany is for marijuana to be decriminalized
by reclassifying it from a Schedule I Controlled Substance to some level
so hemp could then be once again grown in this country and allow for over 50,000 products to be created,
thereby freeing us from the international terror of having our resources held ransom.

You are encouraged to "Strew hemp seeds everywhere!" In the highways and byways, in the ditches
and the thoroughfares of the cities in which we live; the outdoor passageways that connect us to each other.

Its now fabled that Johnny began his nomadic life after having a dream in which he had a vision
of a world filled with apple trees in bloom and where no one had to go hungry. He then set out to fulfill that dream.

(Pssss. together we can make the difference. )

It is to be understood of course that for the medicinal form of marijuana seeds are the last thing you wish to behold your crop producing. They tend to make the potency of the Female plants reduced but shit happens and you can recoup some of your diginity by allowing them to fruit out in this manner instead of simply pulling them out by the roots and starting a new crop. that is unless you are growing indoors.

Johnny Appleseed was a nickname for John Chapman, a true American hero and legend.
Johnny Marijuana Seed is a nickname for another true life American hero – YOU!

Ever since Spanish missionaries first carried plants to California in the 1700s,
explorers and pioneers have innocently brought all kinds of familiar plants to America.
The dandelion came from France and Benjamin Franklin brought the Chinese tallow.

Johnny Appleseed is the nickname given to one John Chapman.
Born on a Monday in apple-cider time on September 26, 1774 in Leominster, Massachusetts.

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