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jimson weed seeds uk

Common Names
Jimson Weed, Jamestown Weed, Thorn Apple, Devil’s Apple, Angel Trumpets, Moon Flower, Toloache

Culinary Uses
Not for internal use.

Botanical Name
Datura stramonium


1 pkg (approx 30-50 seeds)

Originating in America, it has been growing in Britain for more than 100 years – but a dramatic rise in sightings has been reported in the past two months.

To stop the weed spreading, the seed heads should be snipped off before they dry and burst open.

Jill Turner, a toxic-plants expert at Kew Gardens in South-West London, believes its spread could be due to bird-feed manufacturers adding its seeds to their mix.

In Peru it is the main ingredient in a stupefying drink.

Thorn apple has trumpet-shaped flowers and spiky fruit, and grows up to 3ft tall. It has poisonous flowers and seeds and can cause hallucinations.