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i have feminized weed seeds and they are producing seedd

Sensory Seeds allows you to buy high-quality marijuana seeds in complete safety, and to choose from a variety of feminised seeds, auto-flowering seeds and fast flowering seeds.

As you have read, it is not easy to produce feminised seeds by hand and, above all, it is forbidden in The UK. However, it is legal to possess cannabis seeds for collection or food purposes.

Then collect each open bag to optimise the amount of pollen produced and store it in a glass or container. Then apply it with a brush or cotton bud to the flowers used to make the famous feminized seeds.

How do you collect hemp seeds from the plant?

The result is a female cannabis plant capable of pollinating other female specimens. As a result, the fertilised plant produces seeds in the buds with feminised DNA that give birth to other female plants (99% probability).

In countries where planting cannabis seeds are legal, colloidal silver is the most commonly used solution for the feminisation of hemp plants. It is silver in the form of microscopic particles, suspended in distilled water, and easily available online or in pharmacies.

This technique was born in the ’70s and consists of spraying specific solutions on the female hemp plant, as with the following solutions :

One of the most popular curiosities with marijuana seeds is how to obtain feminised cannabis seeds. These seeds have unique characteristics that have made them the most popular on the market.

There are a number of solutions that can be sprayed on female plants to create male pollen sacs: benzothiadiazole, gibberellic acid, silver thiosulphate, silver nitrate, and colloidal silver.

Sinsemilla is an unnatural state for cannabis. Without human intervention, it would be rare to find an unpollinated female in the wild—unless it was sterile. When sinsemilla plants are left to go beyond their desirable maturation stage by a number of weeks, the plant, through whatever amazing processes evolution has bestowed, knows it has not been pollinated. As a last ditch effort at propagation, it will produce male pollen sacs in an effort to self-pollinate.


Plants bred using feminization are homozygous. This can have two effects that can’t be assessed until the seeds are grown. Homozygosity will increase the dominant or recessive traits of the parent in the progeny, so features you don’t want and do want can be amplified. Genetics is a weird, weird thing.

There are a number of harvesting methods employed to catch pollen.

When sexing begins, male pollen sacs will develop instead of female calyxes and pistils. Male plants mature much faster than females, and viable pollen can be expected within 3–4 weeks once the plant has been sexed. Some growers will spray until the plant shows sexual growth, just to be sure the method has worked. Make sure these plants are well-isolated from any flowering females. A burst pod can release millions of pollen spores, and it only takes one spore per hair to create a seed.