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i am a weed i come from seed song

My little seed
Will help to feed
Me and you, once the harvest is done!

My little seed
It’s going to need
The science God has made for it to grow

Down in the ground,
with mud all around,
And Jesus’ power helping it to grow

My little seed
It won’t be a weed
It’s going to grow into something big and strong

And Jesus sees
my little seed
And Jesus knows
just where it goes

Pot may still be illegal in much of the U.S., but it's referenced in plenty of country songs. So, for those readers who consider 4/20 a national holiday, The Boot has rounded up a solid playlist of country music tunes.

One of the songs that should definitely be played on 4/20 is the Pistol Annies' rockin' and rousin' "Hush Hush." Miranda Lambert, Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe's lyrics are straightforward, shaking out the issues about dysfunctional families that are so often hidden under the rug. The pot-infused lyrics in this song are, "So I snuck out behind the red barn /  And I took myself a toke / Since everybody here hates everybody here / Hell, I might as well be the joke." The song's music video takes place at a church potluck, which makes these lyrics even more hilarious.

“They Call Me Cadillac”

The title track of Houser's second studio album They Call Me Cadillac was co-written by the singer and Brice Long. Houser's nickname is Cadillac because he likes everything "real smooth" and laid back — and doesn't want anyone to mess with his good times. That's why the lyrics "I’ve been known to giggle on a joke / Mostly when I’m smokin’ on my smoke / And most folks know it’s time for gettin’ down" seem perfectly fitting.

Musgraves' Same Trailer Different Park sports a song that sparked controversy — and a whole lot of support from the fans. "Follow Your Arrow" encourages listeners to take their own path without worrying about what others think, whether it's kissing boys or kissing girls, being curvy or stick-thin or smoking a joint or not. Written by Musgraves, Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally, the lyrics are masterful and clever. The standout line, "When the straight and narrow / Gets a little too straight / Roll up a joint, or don't / Just follow your arrow / Wherever it points," is especially hilarious when Musgraves adds "I would" to that sentiment.

It's no surprise that Church is on this list, is it? The rocker's "Smoke a Little Smoke" gets right to the point, as he sings, "Dig down deep, find my stash / Light it up, memory crash."