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hybrid weed seeds

Water PH levels should be between 6 and 7. Do not pour when watering rather use a small cup and spray evenly, slowly until the pot is fully wetted.

For many growers, the best of Indica and Sativa combines into a stable hybrid that is difficult to beat in terms of grow stability, yield and performance.

When you buy hybrid cannabis seeds from us, you can be sure of the exact genetic makeup and that the seeds are what we say they are. Our hybrid seed groups are of the finest quality, and are available as feminized or as autoflowering groups.

Popular Hybrid Cannabis seeds at AMS

Depending on the dominant strain, Hybrid seed strains would require some specific conditions for starting the seeds and through the growing period. But like all cannabis seeds, whether you are planting indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse, you would start the seed using the methods we have discussed here and follow the process for the specific dominant strain.

We are one of the world’s leading cannabis seed bank and we offer a variety of cannabis seeds to clients around the world and the USA. Our seeds are expertly curated and they cut across all strain types, desires and grow expectations.

Hybrid seeds are sturdy and very receptive. Their superior gene makeup makes them the best strain company for starter to medium grow and even large company farms. Our hybrid seeds would give you the maximum yield without compromising quality. We have listed a few tips to help get started with farming hybrid seeds below.

Nutritional considerations : Using nutritional additives is discouraged at this stage of your cultivation journey. Rather than look to artificial sources of vitamins and minerals, ensure to get a good soil with the right PH level and also good seeds. The plant should perform well with these two and under the right conditions.

Growers can expect a detailed timeframe for delivery so they can make arrangements to be there if they want to catch the package. Of course, buying marijuana seeds online is completely legal, even in places where growing pot is not, but high-quality seeds are a serious investment. The package will be discreet, but it’s best to take precautions.

Leave the Energizer Bunny in the dust with this high-intensity powerhouse.

White Widow is just as popular among medical marijuana patients as it is recreational weed connoisseurs. It has just enough of its sativa parent’s uplifting effects to create a cerebral high while simultaneously offering the analgesic effects of an indica. When grown under the right conditions, it has a respectable THC range of 18-25% and a CBD range of less than 1%.

Auto CBD White Widow Fem

A relatively short plant with high-yielding flowers will bud quickly and give you lots of relaxing, and appetite-stimulating effects. High doses will promote psychedelic effects, even sleepiness.

A bubblegum you can smoke and reach the high heavens with.

Balanced hybrids don’t have a genetic predisposition toward either indica or sativa traits. These 50/50 hybrid seeds offer the best of both worlds. They’re neither excessively energizing nor extremely sedating. Smokers often report experiencing both head and body highs. Growers usually find that balanced hybrids grow to an average size and develop traits that fall somewhere in the middle.

White Widow has been around for longer than some hybrids, but it hasn’t diminished in popularity as newcomers hit the markets. This 60/40 hybrid offers a perfect mix of Brazilian Landrace Sativa and South Indian Indica. Its spicy, earthy aroma and well-balanced effects make it perfect for everything from finishing up neglected creative projects to enjoying a night in having deep conversations with friends.