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humboldt’s finest card weed seed

Indeed, with over 4500 active outdoor cannabis gardens as well as a deep history of indoor marijuana cultivation, Humboldt County has become one of the epicentres in cutting-edge and innovative cannabis growing.

Boasting over 25 years of experience, the Humboldt Seed company have one of the most significant cannabis strain libraries in the industry today, and thankfully, they have helped to share their incredible Californian cannabis genetics with the rest of the world.

Here at Marijuana Grow Shop, we offer a wide-range of Humboldt Seeds strain legends including the potent cannabis high in THC strain Blue Dream, as well as famed Humboldt cannabis strain all-stars including Bubba Kush and the famed sativa-dominant Green Crack.

In a region famed for its potent hybrids, Humboldt is, in fact, the original location in which indica strains first took root in the US and is home to legendary west-coast hybrid strains including cannabis cup winners Chocolate Mint OG, Blueberry Headband, Blue Dream, and Blue Fire amongst others.

Located in the Humboldt area of California, The Humboldt Seeds Organization is a group of growers and breeders who produce only the finest, top-quality organic marijuana for cannabis dispensaries and seed banks alike.

Desert Diesel Seeds – Humboldt Seed Organization
Desert Diesel is one of two new strains coming out of Humboldt Seed Organization in 2014 and boy, has it been worth the wait.
Using a combination of Amherst Sour Diesel and Emerald Mountain Diesel Afghan Diesel, this plant is strong, potent and incredibly productive, whilst offering a flavour that is totally unique.
Growing cannabis indoors or out with Desert Diesel is so simple that even a complete novice should be able to get some outstanding results. Long, strong plants need only 60 days flowering time yet can still achieve yields of up to 900g per plant outside, all with an incredible 19% THC. An abundance of large heavy buds saturated in white crystals ensure this pine tree shaped plant make it feel like Christmas all year round. And when you enjoy the power of that clear, focused cerebral high, you are going to want to party with your friends like you never have before.
With so much quality diesel in the heritage, it is no wonder Desert Diesel has such a fuel filled flavour, but the balance of sweet fruit and earth essence it doesn't matter if you are a Diesel lover or not, Desert Diesel weed seeds from Humboldt are something we all need to try.