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Seeds, like wine come in many flavors, grades, and vintages. All with their own unique degree of desire for collection and consumption. I am sure we all can agree to that. Like many of

Understanding Cannabis landraces as well as their genetic history and potential is an important step in choosing the correct strains for your garden. A landrace can be defined as a wild growing cannabis strain

Transplanting Clones and Seedlings

Q: Any recommendation for a brand of good proven potting soil for starting seeds. I’d prefer a light mixture and sterilized. A: There are two schools of thought on soils for starting seeds. Sterile

Are you having problems germinating marijuana seeds? Some seeds can be stubborn as hell, but by scuffing marijuana seeds you can increase your germination rates to 100%. Most healthy marijuana seeds will germinate just

Choosing the correct type of soil for germination and marijuana seedlings is a crucial step to growing marijuana and an easy first step to get wrong. This article will explain what you need to

It is where it all begins, it is where the journey starts! From seed to harvest, as they say: “The Humble Little Cannabis Seed“.

If you have any to add, let us know in the comments. This is sure to change as the years go by, the world of cannabis has some marvelous vocabulary tied in with it and this will evolve with the naming of seeds too.

1. Different Names For Cannabis Seeds

Again, this boils down to your location, but in simple terms, you can buy them from a physical store and/or online. The online market is very saturated so there are numerous seed stores and seed banks to choose from.

There are some real belters out there, how about this list:

Cannabis is a dioecious plant, meaning its female and male reproductive organs are found on separate individuals.