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how to soak weed seeds

Use a spray bottle to moisten the paper towels and then store the cushioned seeds between two plates, under a face-down bowl, or gently place them in a plastic bag. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

To germinate seeds this way, lay one paper towel on top of a countertop, place a few seeds, and cover them with a second paper towel.

Monitor your soil every day and keep it moist. Within four to seven days, you should see tiny stems sprouting from the soil.

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Soil is an easy, more natural method with which to germinate your cannabis seeds. The soil protects the fragile roots from any interference, and soil is, after all, where a cannabis plant would grow in the wild.

So, you’ve decided to grow your own cannabis plants. You purchased a pack of seeds, assembled cultivation materials, cleared a space in your garden, and are ready to grow your first cannabis crop . With everything in hand, it’s time to begin the very first step of cannabis cultivation : germinating seeds.

To germinate seeds indoors, use any of the methods described above. Within a few days, you’ll have popped seeds ready to transfer to a growing medium.

Place the soil in a small pot and use your finger or a pencil to push a small hole in the dirt, a bit more than half an inch deep. Insert the seed into the hole and bury it with soil. From this point on, don’t touch your seed. The young plant is fragile and knows how to position itself in the soil bed.

And even to this day, the paper towel germination method, is an effective way to germinate your marijuana seeds.

In the next few days or even week, all you need to do spray the surface with some water.

What Seed Germination Rules the Paper Towel Germination Method Violates

With the paper towel method you do disturb the seedling (violation of rule number 2) by transplanting it from the paper towel to your soil / rapid rooter plug.

After 1-2 days all you do is spray the surface of your soil/rapid rooter…that’s all your plants need in this stage if you didn’t skip step 4 (so don’t water your seeds in the next few days, only spray them).

But is it the most effective way?