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how to place weed seed in pot gmod

You go to the npc seller/f4menu, then you purchase a pot, after you purchase a pot, then you need some dirt, so you purchase the dirt bag and drop it on the pot. Now you have some dirt. Next step, you buy a seed and place in the pot, then you wait for the weed-plant to grow, and then you press e on it to harvest the plant. After you harvest, you should receive 1-4 pieces of wet-weed, all about your config, wet-weed is useless, it can’t be consumed or sold, so you need to dry the weed, to dry the weed, you need to purchase a microwave, so you place the wet-weed inside the microwave, and press e on it, the microwave will light up and emit a sound if it is drying the weed, when the microwave is done you press e on it again, then you should have a dry piece of weed. Now if you want to sell the weed, you need to be careful you do not press e on it, else you will consume it, you need to foil the weed to be able to sell it, so you need to buy a foiler, then drop the weed on it, which just place the foil around the piece of weed. If you want to sell the weed, to other players there is a scale you can use, to figure out how much gram the piece of weed is, else you just sell it to the npc buyer.

Credit to Steerling for the weed blocks and jar.

Credit to Pyro for weed models.

Credit to Meow for the tent.

Credit to One Freeman, for creating the scale.

marijuana_npc_buyer_location – This console command sets spawn points for the drug dealer, he will move from point to point over time, a map restart is required for this to work.

Q: What is this addon and what does it do?
A: This addon is only to be used with the DarkRP gamemode, it is essentially a system that allows you to grow weed and sell it to a dealer, make sure to check out the video for a full tutorial and demo!

marijuana_npc_buyer_locations_delete – This console command removes all previously set spawn points of the drug dealer NPC, again, a map restart is required for this to take effect.

ai_disable 1 – This command is required so the NPC doesn’t follow you in maps that have NPC nodes.
Commands to manually give yourself weed items through console. (Not ideal for the server, just so you can see it work in singleplayer.)

give wep_jack_job_watercan (Spawns a watercan)
give ent_jack_job_plantlamp (Spawns a lamp)
give ent_jack_job_potplant (Spawns a pot)
give ent_jack_job_potsoil (Spawns a bag of soil)
give ent_jack_job_weedseed (Spawns a weedseed)
give ent_jack_job_weedbag (This is the end product that comes out of combining all other entites, it’s smokable and sellable.)