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how to make weed seed oil

Making the oil at home is much more simple than you would think. Weed oil and vape oil use the same “recipe” as standard canna oil with just a few minor tweaks. The recipe that most people swear by when making the oil at home is the infamous “Rick Simpson Method”. While we won’t devote a ton of time to this incredible man’s journey, it’s definitely worth looking into.

You’ve now got edibles – like cookies, gummies, and even ice cream bars. Tinctures and salves, some pure CBD, others a combination of cannabinoids to ensure relief from a variety of problems. Even restaurants are catering to our favorite green gooey goodness. While you’re tallying up all of the the creative and extremely satisfying ways to ingest this wonder drug, you definitely can’t forget Cannabis oil.

Making cannabis oil at home using the Rick Simpson method is something that can be done by just about anyone. It all starts with a few simple ingredients:

How Does it Work?

*Try and make sure that any supplies you use are stainless steel or food grade. This way protective coatings or plastics won’t leach any chemicals into your oil.

The medicinal benefits of cannabis oil are given a double fist bump by the ease of consumption. Cannabis oil doesn’t have to be smoked, in fact many of its medicinal properties can be enjoyed by vaping or eating, so even people with lung or digestion issues have the ability to get in on its many benefits.

Cannabis oil, much like it’s leafy green mother, goes by a variety of names. Hash oil, honey oil, or canna oil for starters. Whatever you want to call this lovely stuff is up to you, but essentially the defining factor of cannabis oil is how it’s made. Canna oil is a semi-liquid or solid state oil that is extracted from the marijuana plant. How it’s extracted determines what the final product looks like. All cannabis oil contains both CBD and THC, as well as a few other cannabinoids.

And now the process:

Most presses come with the bottle and wicks, and you add fuel. Olive oil and paraffin oil are recommended.

Most of these home machines operate by hand crank like a pasta maker. You put the seeds into a hopper on top and turn the crank. A lit bottle lamp sits underneath the press, heating the seeds and making it possible for the oil to separate.

Consuming hemp seed oil is an excellent way to incorporate hemp seeds into your diet, and gain a multitude of health benefits they offer.

Step-by-Step Guide

In this article, we’ll show you how to make hemp seed oil at home using a manual press, which is much more affordable than a commercial machine and can also be used to extract oil from any other nuts or seeds you wish to use.

Manual home presses are available in several places online. Some people even make their own, including this remarkable wind-powered oil press.

While whole hemp seeds can be used in most presses, the hull is just extra bulk the machine will have to break down and separate from the oil. Therefore, it’s easier to use shelled hemp seeds.

Remember that the lighter commercial hemp seed oil is, the less of the hemp seeds’ natural, healthy compounds are in it.