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how to make weed butter with stems and seeds

Add the butter and stir for about 30 minutes.

Generally it is usually used to make cannabic desserts although it is more and more fashionable to use cannabis in any recipe so let’s go it…

Maintain a medium heat for about 10 minutes.


In a pot, you put the water to boil and when it does loosen the fire to keep the water hot.

Filter the mixture.

Finally, when you have removed the excess water, put the container back in the fridge and you have your wonderful and delicious marijuana butter ready.

To make marijuana butter you can use almost all the plant, including the small flowers that you would not use to smoke, the leaves or any part of the plant that contains resin. It is obvious that if you decide to make the butter with buds full of resin, you will need less quantity of this one when elaborating your cannabis recipes.

Even though there are cannabutter machines in the market, how to make your own weed butter is quick and easy! If you have recently harvested a cannabis plant and have plenty of leftover weed and shakes, you can easily transform that waste into the easiest weed butter. We have a great weed butter recipe that you can use to make your own cannabutter.

Once you have harvested your plant, collect the cuttings and shakes, including leaves that have visible THC crystals. You should freeze these immediately as it will make collecting the THC crystals easier and your cannabutter will be stronger.

How To Make Cannabutter

Many people ask themselves how to make cannabutter, many of them are asking how to make weed butter because they have recently harvested a cannabis plant and have plenty of material that has THC crystals. Since this material cannot be smoked, a lot of people are interested in how to make weed butter. If you keep on reading, we will show you how to make weed butter and share a good weed butter recipe that is easy to follow, even if you don’t have a cannabutter machine or it is your first time learning how to make cannabutter.

How to make weed butter? Well, before you start making your butter, you need to decarboxylate your cannabis. This process is the equivalent of lighting it up and is a very necessary step to make cannabutter.

If this guide on how to make weed butter was too complicated or time-consuming, you can also make weed butter using a cannabutter machine. How to make weed butter using a cannabutter machine? These small discreet devices will make your butter instantly and without much stress. You can find devices like the Magical Butter machine that is a one-stop solution for cannabutter and other edibles and It also includes a recipe book that will show you how to make weed butter and other incredible goodies in a quick and simple way.