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how to make hybrid weed seeds

Strains are bred primarily for:

Developing a successful hybrid takes time and work. And not all hybrids are really the same.

Seeds germinated by this process will be first generation hybrids of the male and female parents. Those with the desired traits will be bred again. Once these traits have been produced, breeders will “cube” the strain. In other words, they will breed a child hybrid with a parent strain to reinforce the characteristics. It is usually repeated across three or more generations to stabilise the characteristics.


Cannabis, like other plants, either exists as a pure breed, or as a hybrid mix of strains. As the industry has commercialised, both pure strains and existing hybrids are continually mixed and remixed. These new plants are known as hybrids.

Generally, there are four types of strains:

This is a beginner’s guide to understanding where hybrids come from.

Just like humans, some plant strains are more resistant to their environment and natural predators.

Every plant is a little different, and when someone grows a seed, the resulting seedlings will have a mix of traits from each of their parent plants. As different plants are bred together, people can select to cross only their favorite plants. They can create new combinations that produce unique and wonderful effects.

For breeders, it’s exciting to live in a time when there is an abundance of genetics available to anyone with a mailing address, whether you want to try the new popular strains or find an old heirloom strain to create something new.

Separate Males & Females – After you’ve decided which plants you want to breed together, keep males separate from females throughout the grow process (or remove males at beginning of the flowering stage). No matter what, make sure males are separated from females as soon as male pre-flowers (small pollen sacs) appear. Make sure that no pollen from the male makes it to the females without you doing it yourself, or you will end up with seedy buds of unknown genetics.

First off, why make new strains? Because each new strain has the potential to bring something new to the growing world which has never been seen before.

For example, the strain “Aurora Indica” (↗) is actually an F1 cross between a specific Afghan x Northern Light plant. These same two plants are bred over and over again to make more Aurora Indica seeds. As an F1 cross, all Aurora Indica plants get to benefit from hybrid vigor.