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how to grow weed seeds indoors step by step

Now it’s time to choose whether to use cannabis seeds or clones for starting your grow. This decision may be a simple one, depending on the availability of seeds and/or clones in your area. If you have access to both, then there are a few factors to consider before choosing one over the other. Hands-down, clones are a favorite of many first time growers as they are much easier to start than seeds. Seeds need much more patience as well, adding extra time to the process (around two to four weeks). Clones, while rather convenient, also have drawbacks. One of the most significant being that there are far fewer strains available at any given time in comparison to seeds.

After you get your hands on clones or seeds, planting them is the next step. If you’re proceeding according to plan, your space already includes the containers, soil, and lights. Follow the next steps:

Whether you have grown big cannabis plants, or just a few small weed plants, harvesting cannabis is one of the most exciting activities involved in the entire indoor growing process. When the day finally comes (six to eight weeks into flowering), the process of harvesting cannabis is quick and easy:

Step 5: Choose between seeds or clones

Indoor growing is an extremely rewarding opportunity. It is well worth considering the possibility of investing in if you’re a cannabis patient or simply love growing more challenging plants than standard garden-variety.

In addition to deciding on which growing medium to use, there is also the question whether to use a grow tent or buying a full indoor weed growing kit. Do you plan to grow more than one species, or to grow some plants in veg modes while others are in flowering mode? If not, you can get by without one for now. But, if you’re going to grow plants in more than one setting or space, you’ll need a tent or two and more than one light.

To grow great indoor weed you need to be prepared and a small indoor weed growing setup doesn’t have to be that complicated. Yet, please, think long and hard about your grow space. It’s absolutely essential. Does the room you consider turning into a grow room to hold enough space? To make the best decision, consider how many plants you plan on growing and how much space you need between each one. Keep in mind that the rule of thumb says at least 18 to 24 inches between each plant is best. At any rate, choosing your space and deciding how you’ll arrange it is crucial. It needs your full attention before moving on to the next essential steps of growing weed indoors.

There are several common soil mixtures easily found by performing a quick Google search. But what would be the best soil for your indoor grow?

Only feed nutrients at full strength if the plant is showing signs that it needs more nutrients (lower leaves are turning lime green, then yellow, then falling off – the first sign of a nitrogen deficiency, the most common type of deficiency – if the plant is not getting enough nutrients).

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It’s actually really easy, quick, and cheap to learn how to check and adjust the pH of your water, and there are “pH test kits” specifically made for this purpose.

Step 6: How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

When growing cannabis indoors or outdoors, you will need to ensure that it gets the proper amount of these 6 resources.

Once your plant grows the first “regular” set of leaves, it’s pretty much officially in the vegetative stage. How long is the vegetative stage?

These are the most common grow mediums:

During this stage, you will need to…