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Regular seeds are cannabis seeds in their natural state. Recall that the cannabis seed produces both male and female plants , and that oftentimes, in their natural state, we cannot tell what plant they would produce. Purists like it this way- to allow nature take its course and determine what the outcome would be.

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Regular Price: (US) $ 207.00

What kind of cannabis seeds we offer

We cater to all. Take a look and choose from any of our regular , feminized or autoflowering cannabis strain variants. Our cannabis seeds meet the requirements of all levels of growers, from the beginner levels to full commercial farmsteads.

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Buying Cannabis seeds through AMS is an easy breezy affair. We sell cannabis seeds, you get a lot of payment options and then we ship them discreetly over to you! Buying Cannabis Seeds has never been easier than with Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. We sell over 200 different cannabis strains and you can pay however you want.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds : Feminized cannabis seeds are the perfect seed variant for the discerning cannabis farmers. The self pollinated seed strain ensures that you get the highest yield from your investment.

Place them on a sunny windowsill or on a heated propagator.

Soil type: Fertile, well-drained soil is best.

Aspect & position: Zinnias love sunshine and a sunny border is ideal.

how to plant zinnias

You can also sow zinnia into modules in April or May undercover.

Zinnias famously hate root disturbance, so it is best to sow directly into freely drained soil with a fine tilth. Do this in May or June, but not before the nights are warm enough to sit outside in the evening. If the evening temperatures are chilly enough to have you reaching for the blankets to eat supper in the garden, then it’s still too cold. If you live in a part of the country where supper outside is a once-every-five-years experience, then your zinnias should be planted in a greenhouse or polytunnel.

Because zinnias hate root disturbance, I use coir Jiffy pellets, that way you minimise handling. You can also sow them into lengths of guttering so that the seedlings can slide straight out into their planting hole.

Plant the seedlings in a sunny position into fertile, freely drained soil. Pinch out the tips as you plant them to encourage branching.