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how to germinate non autoflowering weed seeds

If after this attempt the seed does not show signs of life, you can move on to scarifying the shell, i.e. its abrasion to create grooves that facilitate the passage of moisture to the embryo. Insert sandpaper into a container, tape it up and put the cannabis seeds in it: after closing the lid, shake the container for a minute or two and then try again to soak the seeds in water for a few hours.

The sale and possession of seeds are legal in our country, as they do not contain any trace of THC. However, if the weed seeds germinate, they would give birth to a plant capable of producing inflorescences with a high rate of tetrahydrocannabinol, turning your culture into an administrative offence.


The marijuana seeds that you can buy online in shops like Sensory Seeds are purely collector’s items and can be used for purposes that do not involve germination, such as collecting. However, in other countries, the cultivation of hemp seeds is legal for personal use, such as in some cities in Spain.

Falling into a failure to germinate is sometimes almost inevitable: in some unlikely circumstances, you may have done nothing wrong, but your seeds will still not germinate.

Other problems can arise from using chlorine-laden tap water (it is best to let it evaporate 24 hours before use) or from breaking the semen shell due to pressure, which you should always be very careful of.

Cannabis ruderalis is a strain of cannabis that naturally will enter its flowering cycle based on a given time since its germination, regardless of light cycle.

Can take more abuse due to unlimited vegetation period.

Note by Nebula: The auto-flowering plant pictured to the left is 2 months from seed and has been well-cared for. This plant naturally stayed short and bushy and displays the classical growth pattern of most auto-flowering strains. This plant still has a few weeks before time-to-harvest, and buds will continue to fatten up.

Photoperiod cannabis may be easier to grow indoors for new growers because it can be abused in the vegetative state and have time to recover because it can be vegetated until the grower decides to change the light cycle to flowering.

Autoflowering strains will enter flowering (the most delicate stage of growth) regardless of their health.

Can be stressed and herm (grow both male and female parts) as a result of incorrect light cycle changes.

Vegetative – Indoor cannabis plants kept on these light schedules will display only vegetative growth