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how to find seeds in good weed

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Also, quality cannabis seeds usually come at a high price and for valid reasons. Cultivators get what they pay for and if the cost of cannabis seeds is high due to its unique genetics, this tends to be a sign that the seeds are quality. Sometimes, though, cannabis seeds cost a lot but they’re not high-quality. Therefore, it’s recommended to closely examine and analyze cannabis seeds before buying them.

If you want to buy marijuana seeds, it’s crucial to understand the three types of cannabis seeds that exist and which one(s) will suit your growing needs and wants the best. Overall, cannabis plants are capable of producing both female and male cannabis seeds if they undergo a natural pollination process and if conventional breeding methods are used. As far as the types of cannabis seeds go, there are traditional, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds.

Over time, numerous cultivators have been trying to nail down the best and most efficient growing methods to produce the most abundant and high-quality yields possible. One way of doing this is by incorporating Cannabis ruderalis (a sub-species of the cannabis plant) into an individuals’ at-home or commercial grow. Cannabis ruderalis is mostly used for its auto-flowering abilities, which is where auto-flowering cannabis seeds come into play.

Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds: A Temporary Cultivation Trend, Or Are They Here To Stay?

Growing cannabis from traditional seeds is quite common, but what can be frustrating is that these seeds have a 50/50 chance of creating male cannabis plants, which contain less medicinal and therapeutic benefits as compared to female plants. Although traditional cannabis seeds are still used to this day, they’re less efficient than growing cannabis from feminized seeds.

Even though growing cannabis from seeds may be daunting, it’s a very rewarding experience no matter how experienced of a grower you are. However, it’s important to keep in mind that using the highest quality seeds is essential so your cannabis plant(s) can flourish and reach their full potential. Before diving into what makes a cannabis seed a quality one, let’s touch on the different types of cannabis seeds there are.

Out of all drugs that exist, cannabis is the most commonly consumed and cultivated illicit drug in the world. Millions of individuals consume cannabis for purely medicinal reasons, but others consume it recreationally. Regardless of why cannabis is consumed, most consumers don’t think about how the products they consume were made and where they started, especially cannabis seeds. All cannabis products originate somewhere whether it was as a seed or as a cannabis clone. Recently, what has interested numerous consumers and cultivators alike are the types of marijuana seeds there are, where to get weed seeds and the benefits of growing cannabis from high-quality seeds. Keep reading to discover more answers about pot seeds and reasons why certain seeds are becoming staples in the cannabis cultivation sector.

After learning about the types of weed seeds that exist and some of their benefits, what makes a quality cannabis seed? Genetics play a large role such as the cannabis seed’s specific strain and its inherited traits. Other aspects that contribute to cannabis seeds being deemed as quality ones include their color, texture, shape, size, and weight.