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how to apply weed killer revive and ez seed

It should last about six weeks under most conditions.

Spreader Settings: Revive Granules can be applied with any broadcast or drop spreader. Settings are approximate due to walking speed and overlap. Set dial to 1/3 open and adjust up or down for adequate coverage (i.e., A spreader with a 15 as the highest setting should be set to a 5).

Which is better, liquid or granules?

Hose End Sprayers: fill the sprayer with undiluted Revive concentrate. Turn the dial to 8 oz. setting.

For most homeowners, it comes down to ease of use. Revive liquid is perfect for spot treating smaller areas or spots along walks and driveways. If you have a broadcast spreader, the granular treats more square footage quicker than the liquid. There is an added benefit from the granular formulation called DPW (Dehydrated Poultry Waste), which gives you a nice slow release of non-burning organic fertilizer not found in the liquid Revive.

Apply Revive anytime the grass is green and growing. First applications can begin when the turf is at least 50% out of winter dormancy.

Patch and Repair products come with mulch in the bag, which will retain water and help keep your seeds moist longer to improve germination rates.

First, you’ll have to rake your lawn thoroughly to remove any debris, such as leaves or dead grass. Then you’ll spread the seeds over your lawn and cover with a half-inch of compost or topsoil. Rake again, gently this time, to get the seeds in the grass. You want good seed-to-soil contact for the grass to grow. After that, water your lawn in the mornings and evenings until the grass starts to grow.

Fixing Small Sections of Lawn

Insects are another major concern for any lawn. Grubs are a nuisance, and unfortunately, once they’ve established themselves, lawn grubs can be a pain to remove.

You have to be careful about what you use, because some pre-emergent weed preventers will prevent your grass seed from germinating.

If your lawn just has bald spots, it’s as simple a fix as patching them.