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how to activate weed seeds

Regardless of where you get your seeds from, it is best to give them a slight (and delicate) inspection before planting. Most of the time, all seeds will germinate; however, poor-quality seeds will produce a weaker plant. Unfortunately, that is something you will not find out until well into the vegetative and flowering stages.

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If you don’t like the idea of pre-soaking your soil, you can use a spray to moisten the holes before you plant each seed. With enough moisture surrounding your seeds, you can still encourage a root to develop.

Your growing pots will need to be placed in a damp climate that is within the temperature range listed under our golden rules. After 4–10 days, you should see a young seedling sprout, while the roots will have begun to develop underneath the soil. The entire plant and its soil can now be transferred to a larger pot, where normal growing routines should start.

You will need to invest in a few pieces of unique equipment, but by using stone wool blocks, you can create a perfect utopia for germinating cannabis seeds. Soak the stone wool blocks in the same way you would a soil medium. The wool will retain the moisture and prevent the need to water during the early stages of germination. After the wool blocks are soaked, stick them in a plastic tray that also has a lid. Large cake tubs are ideal.

We tried to collect as many growguides as possible. Why? Because they are personal and group experiences of pros and amateurs. They give us perspective and details. What is impossible to find in one guide, there is in another. Compare, build the knowledge, adjust it to Your personal needs and GROW. Describe what you think is important in your experiences and SHARE. We all need to learn from each others successes and mistakes.

Water the cloth/paper towel daily, keeping it moist, letting excess water drain away freely. The cloth will retain enough moisture to germinate your marijuana seeds in a few days. The seeds themselves contain an adequate food supply for germination, but watering with a very mild fertilizer mix will speed up growth.

How to germinate marijuana seeds?
Germinating or sprouting seeds advice?

Type: indica-sativa mix
Yield: 500 gr/m²
Flowering period: 9-10 weeks
Grow Difficulty: moderate

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While germinating in a moist but not wet paper towel seeds require oxygen, moist and temperature of 70 – 90 degrees F, meaning warm is enough, but hot or dry will kill them. Make sure they are in darkness. Set the moist cloth or paper towel in a vertical position (so tap root grows down) on a grate (for drainage) on a dinner plate.