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how much weed comes from one seed

Fast forward to October and Toronto is back under “lockdown” again and all I have to show for it is an ounce or so of homegrown bud.

Curious how you can maximize your own four-plant crop? Read on to learn which steps Jonathan skips and which are essential for getting the biggest possible yield from your plants.

For your 4 plants, what varieties (strains) did you grow this season?

At this stage, it’s essential to ensure that you don’t allow the plant to stretch and get tall before it is ready. A lot of people will put their light above their soil and their seed will stretch towards that light. I always keep the light three to four inches away from my seedling at the very earliest stages and move it up centimetre by centimetre, inch by inch, day by day, to do my very best to keep that plant as low as possible.

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It begs the question, how much weed can you really grow from just four plants?

However, there is a possible downside to growing a few plants to maximize your harvest. If one or more of those few plants died (due to disease, for example), your yield expectations will take a major hit. So, watch your plants and care for the ones you have.

Growing anything is both art and science. That’s part of the fun. If you are planning to grow marijuana and are hesitant because you need to know how much you’ll yield, the best advice is to get started and find out.

Other Factors Impacting Yield

Whether you opt for organic, inorganic, or a mixture of the two is more of a personal decision. The important thing is that your marijuana plants receive enough nutrients to give you a higher yield per plant, but never too much. There is a sweet spot for nutrients when it comes to growing marijuana. Too much of a good thing can negatively impact your plants. Unfortunately, finding the right balance between enough nutrients and excess nutrition usually comes with experience. That’s why a Pot for Pot specially formulates their Superb Soil to contain just the right amount of nutrients to maximize cannabis growth. With a Pot for Pot kits, there’s no need to add additional fertilizer because their soil has everything your autoflower plant needs from seed to harvest.

Many people are interested in growing cannabis plants for different purposes. For some, it is for medical use , while for others, it’s recreational. There may even be some that grow marijuana simply because it is fun to grow.

Whether you plan to grow your marijuana indoors or outdoors, the quality of your genetics – whether they are seeds or clones– will greatly impact the quality and quantity of your harvest. For example, one strain may have the potential of 600 g/m 2 indoors while another strain has the potential of 900 g/m 2 indoors. In another, more dramatic example, some outdoor plants have the potential to produce a 6-pound harvest, while others will never go past 2 pounds.