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how much weed can you grow with one seed

However, with some basic standards, a good foundation (by using a Pot for Pot ), and perhaps an online calculator to give you a ballpark number of what you could harvest (based on your experience level, preferred grow medium, and setup), you can do some planning. Just remember, the answer you get will not be accurate. There are still critical factors to your success, such as the seeds that you choose.

For example, fertilizers that are richer in Nitrogen are ideal for the vegetative phase, and those richer in Potassium are better suited to the flowering phase. Know which nutrients your cannabis plants need during their different stages of growth and have that ready in case they need it.

Marijuana plants require carbon dioxide to grow well. Luckily, this is plentiful in the air around us. You therefore only need to provide adequate ventilation for your plants to get as much CO 2 as they need.

Water or Moisture

Indoors, if you have four plants, for example, they could take longer to start flowering because the leaves of the individual plants will take longer to start touching (as they grow wider). This means the surface area from which your buds can form will be bigger, and therefore you could potentially get a higher yield from each plant.

In fact, water also affects the quality or potency of the buds harvested because too much water causes some of the cannabinoids (especially THC) to be lost during transpiration. If you want the highest yields, you need to pay attention to your watering habits. Learn how much water is needed by your plants at the different stages of their growth and stick to that for the biggest yield possible.

Growing anything is both art and science. That’s part of the fun. If you are planning to grow marijuana and are hesitant because you need to know how much you’ll yield, the best advice is to get started and find out.

Do marijuana plants produce a higher yield indoors or outdoors?
On average, marijuana plants produce a slightly higher yield when grown outdoors compared to being grown indoors.

We therefore advise you to take into account an average germination percentage of 90% when calculating the number of seeds you need for your cultivation. This gives just that little extra certainty.

With regular cannabis seeds, the genus of the plant has not yet been determined. When choosing regular seeds the chance that the seed will develop into a female plant is about 60%. The chance that the seed develops into a male plant is therefore 40%. And because male plants do not produce buds (read: marijuana), you need several marijuana seeds to increase the chance that you will eventually grow a female plant.

With feminized cannabis seeds you don’t have the risk of a flowering male plant. Because female seeds produce 99.9% of a female weed plant. This is why most growers choose feminized seeds or autoflowering seeds

Germination rate

So what if you plan to grow five plants and one or more seeds don’t germinate? Then you won’t achieve the intended yield, and you have to purchase seeds again. It’s therefore wise to use several seeds per plant.

In addition to the type of cannabis seed, nature always has an influence on the germination process. After all, the cannabis seed is a natural product and this means that not every seed is viable and germinates.

Reading tip: Our blog about ‘Germinating marijuana seeds’ explains how to optimize the success rate to 100%.

From experience, we know that 93% of the cannabis seeds grow into a plant. This is of course a very high success rate, but not 100%. So you will have to use extra seeds in order to have the certainty of eventually becoming a weed plant.