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how much does a single weed seed produce

The number of seeds produced by a marijuana plant is too many to count! Before we can answer how many seeds you can get from a weed plant, we have to tell you how a cannabis plant would produce seeds. If there is a male flowering plant within 300 meters of any feminized cannabis plant, the pollen of the male would immediately attach to the sticky icky female’s flowers and cause seeds. Unfortunately, if there are seeds in female flowers, the potency of THC is reduced on average by 30%

You will not be able to notice the seeds inside your plants until its time to harvest and they are practically popping out of the buds. Unfortunately, by this time it will be too late and your cannabis will not be great to smoke, but every single seed is another plant. Although another set of questions to bring up at this point would be how many male seeds does a cannabis plant produce and how many female seeds does a marijuana seed produce?

How Many Seeds Does a Marijuana Plant Produce?

This could be due to any kind of causes, like a pesky neighbour that is not careful while breeding his/her own strains, or if you have a hermaphrodite plant, or got Regular seeds and forgot to cull the males, your grow will be pollinised and eventually fertilized. This would be the equivalent of the plant being pregnant!

Unfortunately, there is no exact answer to how many seeds can a weed plant produce. The exact amount of seeds a weed plant can produce depends on how long the cannabis plant was pollinated for. Nowadays in places like Amsterdam, the weed has been harvested with a technique called sinsemilla, or no seeds.

Before finding out how many seeds can a weed plant produce, it is also important to know why do you need seeds produced from your marijuana plant. If you are breeding cannabis and you want to make new strains from Regular parents (male and female plants) you will be happy to know that upon harvest, how many seeds does a cannabis plant produce will be too many to count! Unfortunately the same applies if you have a feminized plant and it comes in contact with male cannabis pollen.

The relative humidity is also a factor for optimizing the yield from each plant. Some strains do better in locations with low humidity, whereas others may prefer higher humidity levels. A good range is 45-55 percent.

Regardless of why you are growing, you are likely to wonder and ask the question, “How much marijuana does one plant produce?”, and it is not a crazy question to ask. It’s simply good planning to know what to expect to harvest from each plant. That way, you can decide whether the reward will be worth the effort. Maybe it makes more sense to stick to dispensaries.

The Number of Plants You Grow

Airflow is another thing to keep in mind. Without sufficient airflow, the oxygen generated by your plants will linger around, and carbon dioxide will be insufficient. Airflow also limits negative effects from happening to your plants, such as mold, pests, and diseases. Proper airflow limits the chance that these things will affect your plants. Ventilation also helps to maintain optimal temperature in your grow space. Extremely hot conditions could result in over-nutrition since the plants will take up a lot of water (and by extension, nutrients) and nutrient burn will result in a poorly ventilated cultivation area.

This training will eventually form a level, green canopy that will yield firm and juicy buds. This growing ‘hack’ works because all parts of the plants will be getting exactly the same amount of light.

What are the conditions for growing Cannabis Indoors?
There are several environmental conditions that must be kept optimum for maximum Cannabis yield. These conditions include optimum lighting, ideal temperature (72-78°F), relative humidity (45-55%), sufficient nutrients, adequate ventilation, sufficient moisture and the right growth medium i.e. hydroponics.