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how mcuh weed does one seed make

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In the weeks when vegetative growth is at its peak, plenty of moisture is required since a lot of evapotranspiration takes place. When flowering is underway, vegetative growth eventually stops, and the need for moisture or water reduces. At this time, cutting back on how much water you provide can be beneficial to the total yield that you obtain from each plant.

As you can see, ventilation isn’t just nice to have, it is essential to the health and productivity of your marijuana plants.

In fact, water also affects the quality or potency of the buds harvested because too much water causes some of the cannabinoids (especially THC) to be lost during transpiration. If you want the highest yields, you need to pay attention to your watering habits. Learn how much water is needed by your plants at the different stages of their growth and stick to that for the biggest yield possible.

The Nutrients

What if your plants don’t have enough? You can add more, however, be careful when adding CO 2 to your marijuana plants, because high amounts of carbon dioxide in an enclosed space poses health risks to humans or animals. Your plants will love the additional CO 2 , but you will not.

Whether you opt for organic, inorganic, or a mixture of the two is more of a personal decision. The important thing is that your marijuana plants receive enough nutrients to give you a higher yield per plant, but never too much. There is a sweet spot for nutrients when it comes to growing marijuana. Too much of a good thing can negatively impact your plants. Unfortunately, finding the right balance between enough nutrients and excess nutrition usually comes with experience. That’s why a Pot for Pot specially formulates their Superb Soil to contain just the right amount of nutrients to maximize cannabis growth. With a Pot for Pot kits, there’s no need to add additional fertilizer because their soil has everything your autoflower plant needs from seed to harvest.

As you can see, trying to answer the question of “how much marijuana does one plant produce” is nearly pointless without taking into consideration some of the many variables that occur during the growing process.

With marijuana being legal in so many places, it makes sense for questions like, “How much marijuana does one plant produce” to be at the forefront of so many people’s minds. The problem with this question is that there is no straight answer to it since your yield will depend on several variables. One person could yield a pound of weed from a single plant while another person struggles to produce 40 grams from the same marijuana strain! Therefore, if you truly want to plan, you need to understand what you are up against.

In addition to the type of cannabis seed, nature always has an influence on the germination process. After all, the cannabis seed is a natural product and this means that not every seed is viable and germinates.

Auto flowering seeds are basically feminized seeds, but have the advantage that they flower automatically (read more about the difference between feminized cannabis seeds and autoflower seeds). However, feminized seeds are more expensive than regular seeds. Depending on your budget and growing skills you will choose the type of weed seed.

From experience, we know that 93% of the cannabis seeds grow into a plant. This is of course a very high success rate, but not 100%. So you will have to use extra seeds in order to have the certainty of eventually becoming a weed plant.

Feminized seeds

With feminized cannabis seeds you don’t have the risk of a flowering male plant. Because female seeds produce 99.9% of a female weed plant. This is why most growers choose feminized seeds or autoflowering seeds

With regular cannabis seeds, the genus of the plant has not yet been determined. When choosing regular seeds the chance that the seed will develop into a female plant is about 60%. The chance that the seed develops into a male plant is therefore 40%. And because male plants do not produce buds (read: marijuana), you need several marijuana seeds to increase the chance that you will eventually grow a female plant.

We therefore advise you to take into account an average germination percentage of 90% when calculating the number of seeds you need for your cultivation. This gives just that little extra certainty.

To grow weed, you need high quality marijuana seeds. But how many seeds do you need to grow weed? And then there’s the question: how many marijuana plants do you want to grow?