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how many seeds in carmine butterfly weed sold by eden

It is best to check periodically cause if they start to germinate it is best to get them potted up

I’m in the South Shore of Milwaukee WI zone 5b along Lake Michigan and always have tons of Butterflies, Birds (not to mention other wildlife). Question about just putting all my perennial seeds in the garage (suspended in a small hammock from the ceiling, all seeds in original or homemade paper envelopes and all seeds then in rubbermaid sealed container – mice!). Anyway will this be ok for cold stratification of most perennial seeds including common milkweed? I do know that some might also need scarification (done between 1 sheets of xxxfine sandpaper). I have a ‘winter garden’ in an upper large of my home with shelves/grow 8-4 ft. grow lights. East/West windows, water from the old kitchen sink that doubles for a nice potting center, and everything seems to grow well up there – including potatoes all winter long. Our last frost can be as far away as June 1st, so starting the seeds by the 1st of March so I have some stronger plants to go outside by Memorial Day weekend – my favorite planting weekend (with helpers for this slowing Senior).. dry stratification in garage work ok?

Hi John, freezing temps will reduce the germination rate but some seeds will survive. We even get tropical milkweed seeding up north in Minnesota.

Gwendolyn’s Steps to Milkweed Seed Germination in Water

Hi Charlene, I cold stratified all the seeds for about a month. I have not cold stratified in the freezer but know that it can be done. I think it matters more that you have fresh, viable seeds than where you stratify them. Good luck!

However, my gardener is now suggesting we use your methods to spread our milkweed. Thanks.

Hello! I have some milkweed seeds I happened across at my parents farm. They have been outside all winter. Would I be ok to go ahead and plant them in peat pots right now for eventual planting outside once the seedlings are big enough?

Only 8 more days until Spring!

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Some Native Americans learned to chew Butterfly weed roots as a remedy for some pulmonary issues. That’s why the Butterfly milkweed is also known as “pleurisy root.”

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In addition, milkweeds can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Depending on what you’re looking for, there is a probably a milkweed plant perfect for you

In Greek mythology, Asclepias was the son of Apollo and was the demi-god of medicine, known for healing and good health. The Rod of Asclepias, the twisted snake around the staff, is still the main medical symbol today of most doctors and hospitals.

Plus, the Butterfly Milkweed plant is very low maintenance. With its full sun growth requirements, this beautiful plant will grace your garden year after year with its bright, orange flowers.