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how many seeds for weed plant

In order to calculate exactly how many cannabis seeds you need, you have to take two determining factors into account:

With feminized cannabis seeds you don’t have the risk of a flowering male plant. Because female seeds produce 99.9% of a female weed plant. This is why most growers choose feminized seeds or autoflowering seeds

Type of seed (regular or feminized)

This ultimately determines how many seeds you need. Based on your wishes, you calculate the number of marijuana seeds you need.

In this blog we assume that you buy cannabis seeds for growing cannabis. For this you can choose between regular seeds or feminized cannabis seeds. Both types differ from each other and have an influence on the final result. The differences are explained below.

From experience, we know that 93% of the cannabis seeds grow into a plant. This is of course a very high success rate, but not 100%. So you will have to use extra seeds in order to have the certainty of eventually becoming a weed plant.

There is one time that putting two cannabis plants in one pot might make sense:

You’re also not so worried about the bud you’ll get from either the male plant (which is none) or the pollinated female, so you don’t need huge plants.

Before you’re transplanting your cannabis to their final container, you should be germinating them.

Multiple Seeds in One Pot

Do you know of any more situations that would require more than one cannabis seed per pot?

Since you won’t have to worry about separating the plants, this could work.

If not, get out there any plants some damn seeds already!

Germinated seeds with sprouted roots will sprout into the seedling stage more often than not.