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how long do weed seeds stay viable

Possibly the best way to store seeds is to refrigerate them. There are many advantages of using a refrigerator in preserving your seeds. First, it is easy to do it because almost every home or office has a refrigerator. It is also easy to adjust and maintain temperature inside a refrigerator to help your seeds become viable for many years. Also, refrigerators have freezing compartments that can store seeds for a longer period of time. Just make sure that your containers are placed in a dark area of your fridge.

Experts say that cannabis seeds can stay viable for a decade if stored in a safe, dry and dark place. Heat and moisture can stimulate your seeds to sprout so as long as these are placed in a dry and dark place these can be used up to ten years.

Vacuum-sealed bag

Another good place to store your seeds is inside a freezer. Temperature should be constant and your seeds should be in a tightly-sealed container before you freeze. It should also remain in a dark area inside your freezer.

The storage container of your seeds also matter a lot. As much as possible, your seeds should be in a container that is dark colored or opaque or an airtight container. You can store it inside a

There are also downsides of using a refrigerator. First of all, refrigerators have moisture and this can seep into your container. This can be prevented by using a desiccant or a few bits of rice inside your container. Refrigerators are electrical appliances and therefore a power outage can be detrimental to your seeds.

Marijuana seeds should be kept in a cool, dark place such as a basement or in your refrigerator. They should be in an air-tight container and must stay dry. Putting a cotton ball in with the seeds before storage can help suck up any extra moisture (this is why you often see little bits of cotton in seed breeder packs).

Heat and moisture ‘signal’ to cannabis seeds that it’s time to sprout, so as long as you keep the seeds in a dry, dark environment they can remain viable for years. I have heard cases of seeds sprouting after being in storage for 5 or even 10 years. However, you will notice that older seeds take longer to germinate than fresh seeds and a few of them may not sprout at all. As time goes on, fewer and fewer of the seeds will successfully germinate.