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how do you plant butterfly weed seeds

Nope! This native plant known as the pleurisy root is easy to grow and grows like a weed!

Is butterfly weed invasive?

Growing Butterfly Weed From Seed Outdoors

Grow butterfly weed seed indoors or outdoors. For outdoor sowing, begin with a well-prepared bed. For best results, sow the seed late in autumn (mid-November).

That’s because butterfly weed — a top food source for both butterflies and caterpillars — has been named the perennial plant of the year for 2017 by the Perennial Plant Association, a national trade association based in Hilliard. Bees and other pollinators love it, too — as do gardeners, because it requires little care. Landscapes that feature these native beauties enjoy a steady stream of buzzing, creeping and fluttering visitors. Via

You may get less than stellar results in one part of your yard and superb results in another.

Occasionally, aphids can be a problem, but you can deal with them by spraying plants with a hose. In wet soils, plants can develop root or crown rot and may grow poorly. You can only deal with this by preventing it and planting in well-drained soil.

Butterfly weed blooms with bright orange flowers that are attractive to butterflies and humans alike. It’s an easy-to-grow and beautiful plant to add to your garden.

Once established in your garden, butterfly weed will come back year after year with few problems. However, there are a few important tips to know for getting it started growing.

Butterfly Weed Care

If you want more plants around your garden, collect the seeds as they ripen and lay them down in the fall in the area(s) you want new plants.

Butterfly weed is not invasive, but it will start to spread in your garden if unattended to. You can either clip off seed heads before they open and drop seeds, or you can simply pull up any seedlings that have sprouted in the spring.

Plus, the bright orange blooms look beautiful from summer to fall!

First, prepare the garden bed or area you will be seeding by weeding and smoothing out the soil. Make sure the area you’ve chosen drains well, and mix in some homemade compost for extra fertility and drainage.