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how deep should you plant a weed seed

Once you have everything you need, you can begin the process of planting your weed seeds.

It is important not to add extra nutrients to the soil to keep the plant healthy. The potting soil already comes with the necessary amount of minerals a cannabis seedling needs to grow. The young plant is vulnerable to a nutrient burn, which causes leaves to lose the meat it requires and turn brown or yellow

How to Plant Cannabis Seeds in 4 Simple Steps

The positioning can help the top of the plant and its roots grow out correctly. The stem could bend and not develop properly, and the roots might sprout upward. The weed seedling might not turn into a healthy adult plant.

Some seeds may be tricky to plant and grow, but you do not need much regarding cannabis seeds. You will notice that many of the tools are already in your home. If you need to get any additional items, you can find them in a regular store or garden center. The list of equipment includes:

When you place the germinated marijuana seed into the small dimple, make sure the root is facing downward. The root part needs to go deep into the hole as much as possible. The skin of the seed has to be at least .5 cm beneath the surface of the soil.

Marijuana plants can grow from tiny seedlings to about 6 or 8 feet high plants if the root system allows. Consider the space and height requirement when preparing your growing space. You can determine the size of the plant-based on its genetics, pruning, root size and training.

In most cases, these plants are pruned for the right shape and height. If you have limited vertical space, plants can be trained to grow in specific ways such as using netting techniques to keep them from their natural vertical growth.

Height and Space Requirement

These are the steps to follow:

The seeds will start to sink once they are hydrated. This is normal and it also helps separate the good seeds from the bad ones. Some eager seeds can even sprout while soaked in the glass.

And some plants take up to 14 weeks to be ready. You may want to pick out seeds that will be ready for harvest in the allotted time for the season outdoor or indoor. If picking out Sativa-strains, remember that they can take a while in flowering and some strains refuse to finish before the winter sets in.