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hoss seed and weed deal

Cultivate, Weed, Furrow and Hill with our comprehensive Double Wheel Deal package. Includes a Double Wheel Hoe, Plow Set and Sweeps — all the attachments you need to maintain a successful vegetable garden. USA MADE!

Use the Plow Set attachment to make a furrow for planting, or turn them around to throw dirt (hill) plants in your garden. When using with the Double Wheel Hoe, the Plow Set is especially handy when planting potatoes because it allows you to easily dig a furrow for planting and cover your planted potatoes.

Add the Wheel Hoe Success Kit

The Double Wheel Deal is the perfect package that provides all the necessary tools to help you grow your own food. This package includes the Double Wheel Hoe, the Plow Set and the Sweeps.

The Double Wheel Hoe is a dual-wheeled push cultivator that provides added stability for cultivating, weeding, furrowing and hilling plants. The additional wheel allows you to straddle plants when they are small, so that you can work both sides of the row in one pass.

The Sweeps are our most versatile weeding attachment. The left and right Sweep have slightly different angles which allows you to alter the width of your weeding path. With the Double Wheel Hoe, you can set up the Sweeps to straddle a row of small plants and weed on both sides.

The Seed and Weed Deal includes our best tools to plant your vegetable garden and manage weeds to maximize your ability to grow your own food. Plant your vegetable seeds in straight, accurate rows using our Hoss Garden Seeder.

Hoss Garden Seeder

The Seed and Weed Deal includes:

Hoss Double Wheel Hoe

Effectively control weeds in your garden with the Hoss Double Wheel Hoe. Easily perform frequent, shallow cultivations to remove existing weeds and prevent new ones from thriving. Reduce competition for the plants that you want to grow!

The most versatile Garden Seeder on the market. Plant seeds accurately and precisely in any soil type or situation with our rolling coulter furrow opener. Customize your own seed spacing and plant just about anything with our innovative Seed Plate design.