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Indoors, make sure to give this plant plenty of space to grow as it tends to stretch up rather tall, getting up to your grow lights in no time if you do nothing about it. You can get up to 400g from 10 plants per square meter which need a flowering period of 14 weeks before they’re ready for harvest. They have a low resistance to pests, making it difficult for novice growers but a challenge for those who are more experienced.

Outdoors, this plant is a resin-covered monster; you can notice its Colombian characteristics both in its vigor and in its yield, although the taste and effect are quite smooth and pleasing. Thanks to the excellent leaf/calyx ratio, you’ll be rewarded with lots of buds that don’t need much trimming when it comes to harvesting. It’s very resistant against fungi like mildew or botrytis, making it perfect for guerilla crops or mountain crops. You can get up to 800g per seasonal plant, as long as you take care of it correctly.

Honduras Regular by ACE Seeds is a 100% sativa plant that gives quite a hefty yield. Its flavor is spicy and floral, with complex and vivacious mental effects.

Growing Regular Honduras Seeds Outdoors

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Honduras Regular by ACE Seeds is another new sativa that the Dutch seed bank just brought on to the market. It’s a strain that has a large variety of clear, psychoactive effects. This strain has been grown in central-America for years now. Thanks to the breeders at ACE Seeds, they managed to get their hands on seeds from the best growers in Honduras to be able to reproduce them at a later date in their ACE Seeds lab. Those that know this strain know that it gives good yields regardless of where you plant it, and it rewards those that do with high quality, pine-scented buds.

It tastes tremendous, with a strong musky taste; although at the beginning you can notice the floral tones similar to those of plants in the South of Mexico. The effect works as a social stimulant, perfect for musicians and artists in general, increasing creativity.

Outdoors, Honduras is resistant to heat stress and moisture, making it ideal for the tropics, and can be grown perfectly well in warmer areas such as the Mediterranean, reaching maturity in mid-November and delivering heavy yields of resinous buds.

Its colas, with a very good calyx to leaf ratio that makes trimming easy work, can easily take on purple tones, and gradually become covered with fine resin glands rich in terpenes.

Alchimia presents the Honduras cannabis strain from ACE Seeds, a pure Sativa landrace characterised by its profuse and heavy flowering and its highly stimulating effect.

This exotic 100% Sativa variety grows with great vigour, easily reaching a large size and, being well branched and responding very well to pruning and training, it adapts perfectly to SCROG growing, allowing the grower to control its final height.

In indoor cultivation, ACE Seeds recommends not to give it more than 2 weeks of vegetative growth, or one week if starting from rooted clones, and to employ high light intensity. Also, to avoid a prolonged flowering and to limit the stretch at the onset of flowering, a photoperiod of 11-13 (11 hours of light) is preferrable, enabling harvest after 13 to 14 weeks of flowering.

Its aroma is floral, citric, spicy and woody, while its effect is stimulating and positive, inspiring and sociable, but is not recommended for people who suffer anxiety, insomnia or heart problems.