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As well as this a grower would need to spend twice the amount of money to buy twice the number of seeds in order to ensure there is the correct amount of females.

If a grower should wish to breed their own crop however the males will come in handy then as they produce the pollen which enables breeding to occur.

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In spite of this Amnesia Haze has the attribute of it being feminised which makes it easier to grow than other Haze strains.

Royal Queen Seeds Amnesia Haze is the self-proclaimed ‘best hazes ever’ and is a Sativa dominant strain very high in THC.

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Silver Haze Regular is a modern classic of cannabis cultivation. It combines the sunny rush of its predecessors in an uncomplicated strain with great indoor potential. So it’s no wonder that it’s enviable CV includes first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup. Even today, some 30 years after it first appeared, Silver Haze remains one of our favourite strains. It’s good to enjoy the euphoric and uplifting effect at least once in a lifetime.

Silver Haze Regular seeds produce silvery, shiny buds with high levels of THC. Genetically, this tall-growing cannabis strain is based on 75% sativa genes. Accordingly, the uplifting effect is evident primarily in the mind.

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The plants take around 65 to 75 days to flower. When the buds are covered with a sticky, silvery layer of trichome, it’s harvest time.

But then came Silver Haze. Sensi Seeds successfully created a seed line which combines the entire Haze experience in a more compact and faster form. Together with its big sister, Northern lights #5 X Haze, Silver Haze saved the psychedelic sativas from disappearing.

The extreme height gain and long flowering stage were brought under control by crossing it with a Northern Lights. The dark indica also adds weight to the scales, which benefits the light and fragile structure of the original Haze.