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hallucinogenic weed seeds

The effects of psychedelic strains are closely related to spiritual experiences in nature, and the shift in perception and consciousness under their influence is similar to changes experienced during such practices as deep meditation, contemplation, etc. It’s already pretty exciting – you never know what awaits you when you begin! However, don’t forget to leave some of the harvested buds to make edibles. This type of consumption is known to enhance the psychedelic properties of cannabis, meaning that cooking with the trippy strains from this collection will take you even further and deeper on your psychedelic journey.

THC, the main active cannabinoid found in marijuana, belongs to the so-called class of minor psychedelics, and is known to cause psychedelic experiences at high doses or in cases of consuming especially psychedelic strains. Luckily for you, Herbies has done all the work here and gathered all the trippiest strains in one place. Pick a cannabis variety you like with a good amount of THC, grow it properly, and after harvest, you’ll be ready for your psychedelic smoking session. Possible effects of these strains include synesthesia, euphoria, auditory and visual pseudo-hallucinations, vivid experiences of past events, and even illusory extraordinary abilities (for example, the illusion of telepathy).

A psychedelic experience, or to put it more simply, a trip, is an altered state of consciousness characterized by a different perception of reality and an intensified process of awareness. It’s believed that psychedelics act in such a way that they turn off our brain’s filters responsible for removing those signals that the habitual state of consciousness considers unnecessary. These signals can come from various brain functions, including feelings, emotions, memories, and manifestations of the unconscious and subconscious.

Weed That Can Make You Trip

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LSD by Barney’s Farm is an ultra-strong indica hybrid that contains up to 24% THC. This cross between Skunk #1 and Mazar delivers the typical body stone you’d expect from a heavyweight indica, but does so with an amazing twist: While keeping your body grounded, she will send your mind on a trippy journey to the depths of your consciousness. Depending on how much you smoke, this strain is almost like a little acid trip. This 3rd prize winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2008 isn’t difficult to grow, and after 60–70 days of flowering, will impress with a gorgeous tapestry of sparkling buds.

Ghost Train Haze 1 induces a powerful sativa high that will make you buzz with euphoria and creativity. Although she is super-strong, and can at times be outright trippy, you can still enjoy some clarity. She is a fantastic strain for all kinds of creative pursuits; perfect for artists and musicians, or simply if you want to enjoy a great high to look at things from a different perspective.


MK-Ultra by T.H. Seeds is a cross between a female G13 and a male OG Kush. On paper, she may just look like a typical indica-dominant hybrid, but her effect is anything but average. Rather than providing a narcotic couch-lock like many other indicas do, her effect is very hypnotic and comes with an awesomely stimulating kick—kind of like a cup of coffee. This makes her a very good daytime smoke if you want an energising boost. Great for festivals, parties, and camping trips! Bonus for growers: she has a very short flowering time of 56–63 days!

Malawi by ACE Seeds is another 100% pure sativa from Africa. This girl brings a sheer devastating potency to the table, so she’s one for rather experienced smokers with a high tolerance. You will not need much to enjoy a mind-blowingly intense sativa effect that can easily last for hours. Very cerebral and psychedelic, she is perhaps best suited to daytime use, or nighttime social endeavours. Not surprising for a pure sativa, you will need to be a bit patient when growing her; she requires 11–14 weeks to flower and mature her buds. Of course, the wait will be more than worth it!

Jack the Ripper Autoflowering is a fabulous spin on the prized Jack Herer, which breeders at Zambeza Seeds turned into a rewarding autoflower. The sativa-dominant hybrid has two major highlights: an awesome, uplifting effect, and substantial resin production, which makes the strain a good choice if you want to make concentrates and hash. Smoke her, and she will hit you like a truck with an instant body buzz, plus an intensive, trippy, and almost psychedelic head high. This is a very good smoke to enjoy during the day for all kinds of fun activities. Since the girl is autoflowering, she is not too difficult to grow.