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guerilla growing weed seeds

That’s why you have to find a spot with good soil, to be sure of this you will have to check the vegetation around. If the plants around are healthy your plants probably will grow healthy too.

Finding the perfect spot for guerilla gardening can be quite hard because you need to have a lot of things in mind. Just like growing cannabis on your balcony or in a grow tent, you must find a place that provides the following:

Considering guerilla growing consists of literally hiding your plants, you need to find a spot with a lot of vegetation. Remember you don’t want your plant to be covered by the ones around but you want to find a place where your cannabis plant can camouflage with the vegetation.


Guerilla growing or guerilla gardening is a method of growing where the cannabis plants are located in a secluded area. It can also be a stealth backyard grow operation but, it’s usually done away from the city, in farms or small towns where you can easily reach the forest or jungle (depending on where you live), although it must be a place only you know because if it’s too easy to find, people may steal your plants.

Another thing the perfect spot must have is a good amount of vegetation, this is because you need to camouflage your plants so they don’t stand out.

Also, you should choose a place where the tree’s canopy allows you to see the sky. If you cannot see the sky or the sun from under the trees, then the sun will have a hard time reaching your plants.

Tip : If you’re worried about nutrients in the soil, you can mix slow-release powdered fertilizers a couple of weeks before planting, this will guarantee the soil is good for your plant.

For safety reasons, never transport your buds home after dark, even if you’ve harvested them after dark. A lonely vehicle in the middle of the night causes suspicions. Better be on the road during morning rush hours when there’s less chance of a traffic stop. I once did just that: spent a night outdoors, cutting and trimming buds, put them into a big garbage bag, and hid it in a roadside ditch. Then I went home for a nap, a shower and a breakfast, and then returned for a quick pick up. It’s much safer this way.

Brace yourself for several trips, even before the day (or night) when you’ll plant your seedlings.

A very disappointing-looking Purple #1 in late September. Luckily, an unusual spell of good weather (all the way to early November) allowed it to put on some serious weight. But in a worse year, it would have to be harvested like this. Pathetic!


Photoperiod marijuana strains are ready for harvest sometime in late September or early October, at least in higher latitude countries like the UK. Farther south, some faster flowering genetics can be harvested even earlier.

They say that you need three things for a successful retail business: location, location, and location. The same is true of guerilla growing spots: they are what sets apart success from failure. So, long before the planned grow, go location scouting and be very serious about it. The best time to do it is in fall.

Useful tip: Never leave your freshly planted seedlings on the weeded bare ground. This attracts birds who are very curious to check out these new bright green spots. You can lose every single seedling this way. Been there. So pluck a lot of weeds and cover your whole patch with it for the seedlings not to stick out.

Make sure that the weather is warm enough and there are no ground frosts in the morning anymore. In the UK, for example, it could be the end of May or early June. We recommend planting in the evening if the weather is hot and sunny, and in the morning if the nights are cold and the days overcast. This way, the plants will get more time to adapt to harsh conditions.