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guava weed seeds

In appearance, it shares many features of a typical sativa, such as slender, elegant leaves and a narrow central stem. The leaves often take on a lime-green colour, which is largely due to the golden resin. The long, oval calyxes are another notable feature, with attractive pistils that change from white-yellow to a rich, deep pink. These calyxes grow on top of one another in a string formation, before knotting to form the buds.

If you’re a keen gardener, have a go with the SCROG (Screen of Green) or SOG (Sea of Green) training methods. Growers report that they generate good results with both of these techniques.

Guava Cake Feminized is sativa-dominant and has formidable parentage; with a genetic pool that features Strawberry Kush, Durban Poison, and Wedding Cake. The plants reach average heights, and can be controlled indoors. They’re low odour (good for discreet growing) and the scent is tropical and earthy. Users can expect a relaxing, fuzzy high, combined with a sense of euphoria and chattiness.

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Guava Cake Feminized will need an average flowering time to reach their full potential.

Guava Cake Feminized is a sativa-dominant strain. It’s a hybrid of Strawberry Kush, Durban Poison, and Wedding Cake. The flowering time is average, and the yields are usually heavy. The height of Guava Cake Feminized plants can be controlled indoors, and is moderate when grown outside. They produce a tropical, skunky odour. The high is warm and comforting, and leaves the user feeling uplifted and creative.

Thanks to the Kush / Skunk genetic pool, you’ll experience a warm, comforting feeling to begin with, followed by an uplifting, head high. That’s the time to get social with friends, or undertake a creative activity. After an hour or so, the sedative effects take hold, which makes this the perfect choice for night-time use.

You can expect a good-sized yield from Guava Cake Feminized, especially with a bit of TLC. The plants grow best in continental or Mediterranean climates, though can be grown in slightly cooler locations. They’re also well-suited to indoor cultivation.

The indica-dominance in the genetic background of the Strawberry Guava seed type ensures a fast flowering time and compact plants, making these marijuana seeds easy to grow, while the effects and flavours are the perfect combinations of Strawberry Guava’s mother strains.

The primary terpenes passed down from the parent strains include limonene, the citrus terpene, which brings the fruity, tropical loveliness of Strawberry Banana. In contrast, caryophyllene, the spicy, peppery terpene, adds the tongue-tingling tickle you might recognise from Mango while myrcene brings that earthy, herbal, classic taste of Afghani to create a beautiful, modern yet traditional flavour on the exhale.

Strain specifics in short

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Strawberry Guava cannabis seeds from the Oni Seed Co are considered relatively easy to grow, with a fast flowering time of around nine weeks when grown indoors. As with the indica strains in the genetics of these marijuana seeds, the plants grow short, compact, and not too branchy, so a little mild trimming is all that should be necessary to ensure optimum levels of growth. A veg time of 3-4 weeks can be expected, depending on your cropping method

Strawberry Guava is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain from Oni Seeds that offers a massive yield, impressive resin production and a delightfully fruity and exotic flavour. Available as feminized seeds, this hybrid strain is still a bit of a mystery, but with an intriguing genetic lineage and a unique aroma that tickles and tantalises the taste-buds, it won’t be long until this hybrid delight becomes a preferred choice of cannabis connoisseurs.

As we mentioned, its compact and uniform structure make it ideal for SOG setups (Sea of Green), for which we recommend to use between 20 and 25 plants per m 2 .

The Guava Kush strain is renown for its deliciously sweet and tropical scent that’s reminiscent of guavas, and reviewers enjoy its reputed relaxing effects and creative enhancement.

It is highly resistant toВ pests and diseases, also to adverse weather conditions like low temperatures.


Guava Berry Kush / Guayita doesn’t demand much nutrients. It needs to be watered regularly during the flowering period, especially with temperatures above 25В°C. Another great trait of this variety is the high calyx-to-leaf ratio.

What does Guava Kush mean?

Some have experienced a warm/tingling sensation that may spread throughout the body and causes relaxation. Chronic pain and insomnia have been treated using this strain according to some of its fans. For others, sleep was possible as the high wore down.

What does Guava Kush smell like?