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gta rp weed seeds

Before her vacation to the Bahamas, she was among the wealthiest people in San Andreas. Her wealth was made up of her self-made stock of 2,000+ weed seeds and 17,000 dirty cash, of which has a street value of over $2 million besides (in addition to the $3.5 million in her bank account.)

Liv used to be one of the money launders at the Taco shop and sold thousands of lockpicks after the dryout in the summer, which lead her to become a multiconnect for the majority of the city, buying and reselling such as; oxy, weed, joints, seeds, lockpicks, dirty money, and guns.

Liv stepped into the material market, when OTT and her had a falling out. This was caused by some members of his Chop Crew, who lied to OTT and tried to sell her materials behind his back. She turned it down due to her loyalty to OTT who asked her for a date.

She is a multi-plug in the criminal underworld. She is very silent about her business and what she does. She has been running multiple of organizations which many doesn’t know of, even today.

Liv was a Danish woman who seeks new opportunities in Los Santos.

After the falling out, Liv automatically ended up buy, selling a collecting materials. First to her sales from the “Box” by the Barrio. Later she got the opportunities by Karl “KJ” from Vagos, and El Jefe Speedy to work to become a gun dealer. Liv choose to work under the radar, and has been the most shadow connect of class 2 guns. Liv is selling AK47’s and Dracos under Speedy, and she have been secretly working with them, since she arrived to Los Santos in the end of March 2020.

She was also the manager of the Vanilla Unicorn and LifeInvader, in addition to being the front owner of Dexx’s business, Herr Kutz Barbershop.

Pretty much anywhere there is grass or dirt. The resource checks what material the ground is, and allows or disallows planting based on that. Different ground types have different soil quality and will cause the plants to grow slower or faster.

Next you will have to find somewhere to plant. Almost anywhere where there is grass or dirt will work, and even some places with sand! Make sure it’s not directly under something, but has a pretty clear view of the sky.

First you need to get a hold of seeds. How you do this is different from server to server. Ask whatever support staff your server has.

Where can I plant weed?

Gotten tired of everyone knowing where the “drug location” is? Server operator tired of moving said location?

When the sapling has been tended, it will need some time to grow, and then it will need tending again. If you fail to tend your plant, it will die. What is needed for the tending process can be different from server to server, but by default you don’t need anything.

Where can I get more details about what I need to plant, tend and harvest the plants?